What being healthy means to me

This week we focused on talking about what it means to be normal in relation to health. So what does it mean to be normal? Does it mean we are supposed to be at that perfect weight limit and have the perfect image or does it mean to just be heart healthy? We looked at different methods in looking at what is normal such as numbers and narratives.

When looking at the numbers of what it means to be healthy we mainly look online or ask our doctors. They might tell us about or BMI or how many alcoholic drinks we can drink before it becomes unhealthy. These numbers may make us look too far in what we are made of. I for one pay too much attention to the numbers of what by BMI states about me. The last time I went to the doctor I got my weight taken and my doctor told me that I was a little overweight in accordance to my height. This really made me see that I’m not healthy at all and that I need to change some habits in order to remain healthy. But I thought I was healthy, I eat fruits and vegetables every day and exercise a few times a week. How was I “a little overweight”? It drove me crazy thinking that I was overweight, so I started to eat less in my meals and started to only eat fruit or vegetables all day. But nothing worked. I was still not losing weight. Then I realized that it was all in my head, I started to forget the numbers and eat better foods, not just vegetables and fruit and I started to love myself again.

In class we also talked through our narrative of our life, and what diseases or sicknesses we might get. It was really cool to think of what could be around the corner for me and how I might be able to dodge that bullet. My grandfather passed away from melanoma a few years ago, and because of this I’ve been more careful of when I’m outside especially in the summer. I’m a very pale-skinned person and also a lifeguard in the summer, so it might seem easier for me to get skin cancer. Because of my grandfather’s sickness I’ve taken more caution when I’m outside in using more sunscreen or stronger sunscreen. This week was really interesting in learning about what I’m made of and what my health might mean.

-Becca Roberts


5 thoughts on “What being healthy means to me

  1. I really enjoyed and relate to this narrative. I too found myself getting to fixated on numbers. The numbers on the scale, the numbers on the measuring tape etc…I’m trying to wean myself off of obsessing over numbers, and tune into how I feel about myself. I think its good that you noticed it was mostly a mental thing, and that allowed you to begin to change your lifestyle overall instead of just trying to lose weight. Nice post!


  2. I agree with both of you guys. It’s hard not to just look at the numbers and see what the number says about you. I don’t believe that the doctors know that the little things they say can greatly impact what someone thinks about themselves. It is great though that you are over coming this and not looking at the numbers but how you want to look and feel about yourself. I really liked your narrative and your post. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I like what you said and I agree with you. Numbers are just numbers. It doesn’t mean you are not healthy when you clearly are. The fact that you are happy and healthy is all that matters, not anyone else’s opinion. I am glad that you love yourself and overcame your struggle. That is inspiring and thank you for sharing!


  4. I really enjoyed this post, I was in a similar situation to you. I went to the doctor 3 years ago and they measured my BMI to my height and said I was overweight and I was confused because my football coaches told me I needed to gain weight everyday, at the time I was 6’0 215 pounds. I was conflicted as to what I should do about this because I workout 5 days a week and eat healthy, but I was just thicker than the average, I think BMI gives a bad representation of if your healthy or not. I suggest you keep doing what your doing! Your most likely healthy!


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