Guilt In Being Healthy

It seems that in the world we live in today, almost everyone personally knows, or knows of someone that is battling some sort of disease, whether it be cancer, lupus, or diabetes, ect. In hearing about their struggles and the way they take life one day at a time, it makes our health worries seem so small in comparison. I find myself feeling almost guilty telling someone that I feel sick with the flu, or a simple cold. So many people are going through much tougher struggles than just having a runny nose and sore throat. With this looming guilt, I’ve noticed that so many people decide to just “fight off” their viruses. I’ve noticed my brother and I both doing this recently. My mom will be able to tell we’re sick, and ask if we want to set up a doctors appointment, but we both respectfully decline. Neither of us has ever brought up this issue of feeling guilty for having a minuscule sickness, but I know it goes without say.

Thinking of this topic brings me to a specific question. Do “normal” people feel guilty for being in good health? I know it must be so hard for a parent to see their child go through a life threatening illness. It seems that the parent would do anything to switch places with the child so that they could be the one to endure the pain. We’re always wondering, “why them?”. But the fact of the matter is, disease doesn’t discriminate. I think with most terminal illnesses, it is just in the way we are made. We can’t choose whether or not we are struck with an illness.

I think as long as we are in good health, we will be thankful, but always feel a guilt for it, a reoccurring thought of, “Why is it them and not me?”.

–Jocelyn Scott


2 thoughts on “Guilt In Being Healthy

  1. Hi. I also felt guilty when my teammate died in accident while I was serving Army in 2014. I was not there at accident. I was sleeping in daytime because I had a night shift. I felt guilty that I could not do anything about it, but keep live on my life. It is guilt from being powerless, immature, hypocritical, and unable to rationalize the reason why. People from there had not said much about it. I think guilt also plays a huge part when we talk about health.
    However, feeling guilty can be a good sign in health when it gives awareness of tragedy and who we are in tragedy. I had a few people to share feelings and thoughts including psychological therapist. And I had a sense that it is time to move on from it. It seems natural.


  2. I really connected with this post because I too feel the same way when I look at my health compared to others I know. I understand the feeling of being out in public or starting conversation with someone discussing health and feeling guilty to share your problems, when those around you have it much worse. When my pop was passing of cancer, I could only feel guilt that there was nothing more I could have done when they brought him home from the hospital. We took care of him at home as a form of Hospice but everyday I felt horrible watching him slowly slip away while I could only feel guilt that I had my health and his was being slowly taken away. Even going out on weekends I felt like I was abandoning him when I was told it was normal to take a break for fresh air and to clear my mind.


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