Mitchell’s Journey

Narratives, especially ones shared on social media, can have a global impact on readers. It is both deeply personal, yet imperative to be shared as to create a necessary sense of community and hope. One such shared journey, is a Facebook page called “Mitchell’s Journey”. It is written by the father of a little boy who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease, in 2005 at 3 years of age. He passed away at 11 years of age from acute heart failure. Mitchell, the boy, was incredibly loved. His father continues the page, even years after his death, in an effort to cope with the grief. The posts are incredibly moving, and even I, someone who had never seen what this disease could do to a person, am moved to tears. Grief is something that father and I have in common, though each experience itself is vastly different. And I find myself rooting for him on his journey. I find myself nodding and smiling when he seems to have made headway with figuring out the best way to carry his entirely too heavy burden. And when the day is just too long, and he feels the weight of it might crush him, I find myself crying as well. His most recent post concluded with this: “I would soon learn to look upon grief in the same way I saw my son; two things at once. Although the surface of grief is plain to see, seemingly clothed in pain and agony; there is so much more beneath – a certain beauty the human eye alone can’t see. It isn’t easy or pain free – but somewhere in the midst of suffering there is purpose and a greater meaning. There are always two things at once: the thing that happens to us and then its purpose and meaning. We just need eyes to see.” I have never been able to put into words the enormous importance that the grieving process is in appreciating those you have lost. You see their life, and yours, in an entirely different way. Some people, like myself, just muddle about in their own way, on their own journey. And then there are people such as this incredible father. He has an almost primal need to share his story with others. To physically sit down and write how he feels. And that has made all the difference for so many people, and I hope this is how he is learning to heal. His posts are filled with raw grief, spirituality, salvation, depression, hope, and appreciation for so many things. He speaks often of his wife who he deeply admires and appreciates on every level. Few marriages are equipped to deal with emotional turmoil that losing a child can bring. But they have other sons, who need them just as much as Mitchell, just in different ways. There are so many things to be learned by reading this blog, and I hope you will take the time and peruse through it and find something in it that moves you. Many people have, as this blog has won two awards this year: a Regional Emmy, and the Gabriel Award. Reflect on his story, and maybe you will find solace in his words, along with a newfound appreciation of your own journey.

-Jordan Wilcox



One thought on “Mitchell’s Journey

  1. His story is very inspiring. Individuals like this make me realize how blessed I am to be healthy and that we should take nothing for granted.


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