The Normal Mind

When talking about a persons psychological health, it is common to see the words “normal” and “abnormal” used quite a bit as both of these words are heavily applied to mental and emotional states, not to mention certain behaviors of all humans. The question arises if it it is actually okay to use these words at all due to the fact that they carry a lot bias and baggage while creating irrational beliefs.

This affects everyone, really, because a person’s thought process of what is a”normal state of mind?” is very much influenced by society and what institutions convey as the “norm.” Whether it is depression or schizophrenia, every mental disorder is comes from what society thinks is normal or abnormal.

Emotions such as rage, stress, anxiety, doubt, guilt, sadness, and confusion are all states of mind are all considered normal and expected due to the demands of life and it’s tendency to be unpredictable. However, these emotions are thought to be markers of abnormality to mental health professionals. It is not right to portray the absence of distress as normal and the presence of distress as abnormal.

Of course, it would be reasonable to say that if you manifest cancer you have gone from a healthier state to an unhealthier state. On the other hand, it should not be reasonable to say that it is healthy for someone to suffer no ill affects from killing innocent, unarmed people and unhealthy for someone to experience distressing consequences. Obviously, in the second case there would be suffering involved; but PTSD would not be the same as cancer in this particular situation. This could attribute to the “healthy” functioning of someones conscience. This case of PTSD could be evidence that the person is healthy with a functioning conscience, rather than any evidence of “unhealthiness.”

Many medical industries who make billions of dollars every year are built around the words normal and abnormal as well as the ideas of being well or disordered. With that being said, it seems bleak that there will be a lot of changed involved. Even for those in the medical industry who are right-minded can not really grasp the fact of getting rid of the idea of a mental disorder. If they did, they would not have much or be anywhere. Even with the best in this field attracted to this “naming game” there seems to be very little hope for change.




One thought on “The Normal Mind

  1. Some of your phrasing choices were a little bit hard to follow. Syntax is not your strong suit. Do you consider any mental “disorder” to be abnormal or do you see each of them having a “normal” range within their spectrum?


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