Former Chipotle Employee

Allison Loayza

As a former Chipotle Employee, the advertisements that we watched in class were not surprising in the slightest. I have seen exactly what goes in those burritos, the guidelines in which we were required to maintain, and the procedures of preparing the food. I am still a staunch Chipotle fan. I actually ate it for dinner last night.

As I was surfing the web the other night, I came across an interesting Chicago Tribune article titled, “E. Coli? The Chipotle cult scoffs: ‘We’re totally willing to throw up a little”. That title alone is laughable-but mostly because I’d say I fall into that category to some degree. So what are we willing to endure for taste? Even if it’s dangerous to our health? I think it’s interesting that the upheaval with Chipotle’s recent E. Coli issue is taking on so much publicity, but the same was true with McDonald’s years ago with the documentary “Supersize Me”.

With obesity, disease, and sickness-I often think “Where will we draw the line?” When will we start choosing our health over the instant gratification of a McDouble?


2 thoughts on “Former Chipotle Employee

  1. My health coach told me that Chipotle or any other big burrito is a no, no. Not because of e. coli but because of the carbs and salt. One time before I met with my health coach I purposefully ate at big burrito, and the next day my numbers were through the roof! Perhaps the problem wasn’t what was in my burrito but the size. Still eat the occasional burrito, but just make them at home now, for way less money that at a restaurant.

    Mike Cappel


  2. Fast food is well known for obesity, disease and sickness but the immediate advantages from the price and quickness may be too large for the thoughts of the future and the price of having the fast foods.


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