(Emma Kidder) Educate yourself for the public good


ecbt-bus-shelter-ads_resized_68-5x47-emma-small (lol, my name is Emma)

In class we had a lively discussion about what is the public good and what actually is good for the public. Through out our lives, without even thinking about it, we have learned to do what is good for the public. We wash our hands to avoid spreading germs. We get flu shots not only to avoid the flu but to avoid spreading it. We follow traffic laws in order to protect ourselves and others. We never think about these things and there’s never really a debate about them. However, there seems to be much debate over weather or not you should vaccinate your child. Sure, its your child and you have the right to do what you want for him/her but the stupidity in not vaccinating your child is not only harmful to the child and you but to many of thousands of people your unvaccinated child comes in contact with. Whether you believe or not, your stupidity can be harmful.

In the late 90s Dr. Wakefield started this paranoia around vaccination but has been discredited over and over again (see video). He actually got BANNED from spreading around false information about vaccination because he MADE UP his numbers in his study. Of course, this doesn’t stop stupid celebrities, Jenny McCarthy, starting a scare campaign against vaccinations. And uneducated  citizens believe her instead of actual proven facts because obviously a celebrities word is better than a professionals.  VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!

VACCINES WORK: vaccines are 90-95% effective in preventing diseases.

VACCINES ARE SAFE: all vaccines are approved by the FDA and will not be given to a child without being tested.

Here is a link to more facts about vaccines:https://www.healthychildren.org/English/safety-prevention/immunizations/Pages/Vaccine-Safety-The-Facts.aspx

In case you can’t tell I’m very opionated about this subject. Do you want to have to worry about your kid, or you, getting sick after a fun family day at Disney Land because some air head mom thinks they know better than doctors and won’t get their child vaccinated? I agree that all schools and public places and people working at hospitals should be required to have all their vaccines. The hospital my mom works at (UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland) requires every single person there who comes in contact with kids to be vaccinated. Could you imagine going to the hospital and getting sick from an unvaccinated kid?

I want to say that it should be law that everyone gets vaccinated but I know that would probably be violating some constitutional rights. I get that for religious reasons some people can’t vaccinate their children. However, that’s better than someone who can and won’t. All we can do is strongly suggest kids get vaccinated and make it mandatory for public schools and universities and for all hospitals.  As it slowly becomes more mandatory in most places I think slowly more and more anti-vaccinators will start to vaccinate their kids. Well, at least one can dream right? If you don’t believe in vaccinations, well, at least I can say I presented you with the facts but I can’t force you to see my way.


13 thoughts on “(Emma Kidder) Educate yourself for the public good

  1. I say to hell with their religious reasons for non-vaccination. That constitutes child endangerment to me. The only excusable reason to not vaccinate a child is medical reasons like an allergy to something in the vaccine or a compromised immune system. – Matt McDaniel


    • Yes but then you infringe on their constitutional right of freedom of religion. If you infringe on someone’s constitutional rights everything goes to hell. – Emma Kidder


      • So what is your stance on a suicide cult, just to take the argument to an extreme. If the parents are members is it their constitutional right to make their children drink the Kool-ade?


      • If those people want to kill themselves they can. But if they kill other people then that’s religious terrorism and that should be stopped. But cults, if not harmful to people outside of them, unfortunately, are and should be legal. How would you stop a suicidal cult? They’re gonna commit suicide no matter what. – Emma Kidder


      • The point is the children. Do they get to kill their kids? Isn’t choosing not to vaccinate kids also placing them at unacceptable risks too?


      • I’m not as educated in the suicide cult like you are. So did they kill children? I don’t know so I don’t want to speak on something I don’t know. – Emma Kidder


      • Often they do, yes, and I see refusing to vaccinate your child as on par with that except it’s no longer just risking their own kids.


  2. Vaccination works and its cheap. If there is a vaccination for something, I get it and our insurance always pays for it in full. I never get sick, never miss class, and never miss work. My only problem with vaccines is that they should invest in vaccines for viruses that don’t have them yet.

    Mike Cappel


  3. I agree with your article. I love vaccines and GMO’s lol. I have gotten every vaccine they try to give me when I go to the doctors and I will continue to do that. Even though I do not like needles I suck it up for the long run. If you don’t vaccine your children or get vaccines you are plain stupid and that is it.

    Cindy Garner


  4. I agree with what your saying in regards to the vaccines. I would want my children, if I had them, to get vaccinated not only for them individually but for others around them. I would also get vaccinated for others benefits, even though I’m not a big fan of needles, but I will get a vaccination if it will have a good impact on others and on myself.

    Becca Roberts


  5. In one of my classes before we talked about this subject and the scientist who said they caused autism got lots of negative feed back and lots of other scientist saying he was wrong. Vaccines are great because like you discussed some people can’t get vaccinated. If majority of the general public is vaccinated then the person not vaccinated will have like a bubble of protection. They will be protected because the disease will not be likely to be passed along since most are protected. Thus helping the greater good and keeping everyone safe!
    -Shelby Simmons


  6. Really liked your post, at least to me it was very informative on the subject and presenting the facts on the subject and then later in the post explaining your opinion. I agree with you that more people should get vaccinated and be educated as to why to help the greater good. In my opinion it’s helping the individual too, preventing them from contracting a disease.
    -Cori Wolfe


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