A Healthy Heart

This past week we talked about risk factors. Heart attacks and heart disease are the most commons causes of deaths which is a scary thought. According to the American Heart Association, obesity is responsible for nearly 112,000 excess deaths per year relative to normal weight individuals. Obesity has been associated with an increased risk of diseases and health conditions including hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. These alarming statistics raise many questions concerning the barriers that prevent individuals from living a healthier lifestyle. College students especially should get into the habit of eating right to avoid these risks later in life.

I can resonate with this because my father, who had a lot of bad eating habits and never paid much attention to nutrition had a massive heart attack two years ago. Although he fully recovered, we could’ve lost him. He claimed that he learned his unhealthy eating habits from college. I personally found this alarming because it is so easy to neglect your personal health as a college student.The unhealthy habits my Father claims he formed in college had unfortunately followed him throughout his life. He never paid attention to nutrition facts or serving sizes. After getting hit with the reality of his massive heart attack, my father now makes careful and healthy choices, reads nutrition labels, tries to cut out fat and sodium, and increases his physical activity by going on walks. He feels so much better since making his lifestyle a healthy one and I feel better knowing that he is not at high risk for any other negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle like he was two years ago. There are many ways to reduce the risks of having heart trouble, and starting healthy habits early that will follow you through life is a very important part.

– Kellie Behrle


4 thoughts on “A Healthy Heart

  1. I can definitely relate to this post. As a cliche “New Year’s Resolution” I decided to start eating a lot healthier. All my life, I have just ate whatever sounded good at the time. I was really into sports and exercise in high school, so it never really affected me. Once I came to college I started out keeping the same “eat whatever sounds good” habit, but I noticed it starting to affect me more. Not only weight-wise, but energy-wise. I found myself lacking energy to do anything. I was always tired and accompanied by an excruciating headache. I just thought it was from stress from school. Well, once I started eating better and working out regularly this month, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot more energy and just felt all-around better. It definitely is important to start now, because if not, we might never start.
    -Jocelyn Scott


  2. For something so essential to our survival, we really neglect the heart. There are many delicious/deep fried/salty/bacon filled foods, and it’s really quite unfortunate that they can attribute to clogging your arteries. But even with this common knowledge, we still chose to ignore it and eat however our pallet guides us.

    I can definitely relate to creating unhealthy eating habits in college. Now that I’m required to make my own food AND do the dishes after, microwavable meals and fast-food sound pretty optimal and convenient. A habit which I know every day I need to change, so why is it so hard? Maybe because of the salty, deep-fried, bacon filled foods i alluded to earlier. Good post!

    – Drew Sliger


  3. It seems like a lot of people in our parents generation tend to have heart disease or diabetes. I was thinking about this the other day and it seems like a lot of people in that generation have diets that are very high in processed foods and red meats. I think that our generation has truly taken better care of themselves. If you look past the drinking on college campuses, gyms are packed, there are many people who have cut back on meat consumption or become vegetarians, smoking cigarettes is not just no longer the cool thing to do but it is frown upon or seen as disgusting. I believe that our generation will prove science wrong. Studies have said that we will be the first generation to have a shorter life span than our parents. I think, that with the proper actions, that statement does not have to be true.


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