Not a black and white world for doctors

The World we live in are not always black and white. The idea of ‘Normalcy’ is that a multitude of factors will come to a standard, a normal state. This normal state are typical and are common as well as expected.
The idea of normality can be applied to medicine. It is normal for a person of any age to have around 98.6 Farrenheit. This doesn’t prove that every person on the planet has 98.6 Farrenheit for their body temperature but it is around said value. As such, one person cannot simply state or determine that someone is a factual of something without considering other factors. These factors including the facts can be divided into 2 different groups: one is quantitative and the other is qualitative. Quantitative is numbers or true/false and qualitative is textual factors such as stories and experience. Such is important in identifying a disease or sickness of a person. If a person has a body temperature higher than 98.6 Farrenheit, then that person has fever. This is a well founded truth as having a high body temperature means that there is something wrong with the body. However, various diseases have symptoms and these symptoms vary from sicknesses and people. This means that there is no clear cut line between having a simple common cold and life-threatening disease.
Some illnesses have a generic factor which means some illnesses run on the family. And as such, some illnesses can be identified when it has a shared symptom. This is important as such factor is qualitative and only influences the potential of a sickness rather than determining the sickness. It only provides further information and possibilities rather than naming the sickness.
To conclude, the doctors in medicine are used to using both quantitative and qualitative factors in determining a disease or a sickness a person might have. This is a well known fact. However, the world we live in are so advance to even 10 years ago but we still hold onto a black and white society. If the doctors do it, then clearly, the society should start doing the same.

-Michael Yang-


One thought on “Not a black and white world for doctors

  1. Hi Michael,

    To make your post even more engaging add a visual and/or link so that class can learn even more!
    Lauren Fattlar


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