High Risk, High Reward?

In class we discussed risk and how people precept them. With this in mind one can assume that people’s actions are a direct reflection of what one wants to do even if risk are involved. You can say that majority of the time people do something it is because they choose to do so on their own will.

So let’s look at the perspective of choices and the risk attached to them. Some examples that come to mind are smoking, excessive drinking, texting while driving, and eating unhealthy food.

As many of you know, smoking has little to no benefits to ones health. This is due to the toxic chemicals used to make them. but even though we know how they are made some still choose to smoke. You could say this is due to it’s addiction but how strong can an addiction be to ignore the risk of smoking. And on top of that why even start to begin with. It all goes down to the risk people are willing to make.

The you have excessive drinking. Now since being in college, I’ve had my fair share of parties. When I used to live  on campus my roommates would have parties just about every week. And what’s a party without alcohol? Right?.  Personally I’ve never understood why people would drink to the point of blacking out or getting alcohol poisoning. I guess it’s the fact they get so drunk that risk means nothing.

Next up is texting while driving. It’s been known that cell phones are a good cause for accidents, especially due to texting. Is sending that message or that snapchat selfie truly worth the risk of crashing or possible your life? Driving in itself is very unpredictable. That five seconds to check a message could easily mean life or death be it a deer, swerving or another car. The biggest issue is not what you see, but what you don’t see.

And finally unhealthy food. Even though we are fully aware how unhealthy it is we still eat it. But why exactly. Is it because our craving for it makes us eat it regardless of risk? Is that slight moment of good taste worth a possible future of being unable to move or constantly taking medicine?

Risk is an interesting concept to me. I feel it doesn’t determine the choices we make but help influence them to a point. Personally I believe risk in itself is a personal concept as the risk for one may not be as important as say for another. In the end risk is something portrait differently for one another, it’s simply a matter of perspective.


Danny Wells


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