It’s All about How you Look at It- Mike Montague

Last week in class we discussed how important it is to frame points about health. We talked about how the same idea can be presented in a variety of ways and how many different reactions can come from the slight differences of wording. It all depends on how you frame it.

We as people never like to be berated by negative ads that seemingly only criticize our lifestyles. We would much rather accept constructive criticism that is geared toward a positive advancement than nagging.

Personally, I had been a constant cigarette smoker for about four years until last year that I decided to quit cold turkey. Throughout my own experience, the packaging labels that the government prints on the cartons about lung/mouth cancer didn’t lead me to quit. Honestly, it got to the point where I wouldn’t even notice the label. I knew what I was doing, and for me, these labels almost made me want a cigarette even more.

So what changed? My parents always harped on the fact that smoking was terrible for me. I always heard the words that they were saying, but it never really sank in. One day, my Dad sat me down and showed me a different side of the argument. He didn’t show me what was going to happen if I continued smoking, but what would happen if I stopped smoking. Showing the positive effects of what would happen to me if I stopped smoking resonated a little bit more. He said how I would live a much happier and longer life. My Mom’s a dental hygienist and the part about having whiter teeth and better breath was fairly important to me.

The part that was different between the two arguments of me quitting smoking was how it was framed. My parents had always shown their strong opposition of me smoking. The negative approach that they had taken simply hadn’t yielded any results. When they changed their approach to a much more positive one, it started to make more sense. I also wanted to listen a more to a more constructive direction. It all came down to the frame. When approaching any aspect of health, I believe it’s better to approach it in a positive manner if expecting a change.






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