To vaccinate or not? is that a question?

Washington state has the highest opt out rate for vaccines in the entire country. In particular, Vashon Island frequently makes national and international news for the amount of parents who don’t vaccinate their children. So why does an island filled with wealthy, well educated parents have so many children not vaccinated. When does the health of one child outweigh the risk of putting other children in harm’s way.

 In Talking About Health, Parrott states, “When health is treated as a public good, the overarching goal is to set priorities that use resources to the greatest good of the greatest number of citizens. Anti-vac parents seem to prioritize the perceived risk of the individual, their children, over the health of the community and the overall population. Last year 147 people were sickened in a measles outbreak at Disneyland California linked to the anti-vax movement. The same year California stopped allowing parents with children in public schools to opt out of vaccines due to “personal belief”.


Lukas Allen



5 thoughts on “To vaccinate or not? is that a question?

  1. I really enjoyed your blog! I feel as if you’re completely right. There are so many people who opt out of vaccines for not only themselves but also their children. It’s sad because they’re putting themselves at such a huge risk of getting ill as well as their kids and anyone they may be around! I really don’t think people get it that the reality is better than the potential risk.
    -Alex Davis


  2. I think that you brought up some really good points. I believe that people need to be aware of the danger of not getting vaccines. Sure getting shots are the most comfortable thing, but I think the pros outweigh the cons in terms of vaccines. Also, I don’t think that the idea that these vaccines are related to autism is a reputable argument. I had an Ecology, Evolution and Genetics class with a kid who had some sort of autism and when talking about vaccines he stood up and said how insane the idea is that the vaccines he received played any role in his autism.

    -Mike Montague


  3. The whole anit-vac group will never fail to confuse me. I mean, I understand you don’t believe in modern medicine but would you not want to help you children be immune to extremely deadly ailment at a young age? It feels like they just don’t care about their child’s health.

    Danny Wells


  4. Very nice blog post! I agree on some points as well because people need to know what could happen if their families weren’t vaccinated. My mum works for Trihealth and they’re told they cannot work unless they are given vaccinations. She’s not a big believer on the vaccinations because she feels sometimes she does not trust the vaccination. Everytime she has been given a vaccination the side effects seem to do a heavy number on her.

    -Matthew Wurzelbacher .


  5. As I was growing up I was naive in believing the lies that vaccinations were required. I grew up in a large household and I attended public school. I didn’t really have much of a choice on if I wanted to get vaccinated or not. As I got older and more educated I realized that vaccines were a hot topic with a stigma surrounding them. I’m still on the unsure about where I stand personally with vaccines or not because I have never had any of the detrimental side effects others claim to have. I wonder what the state of ohios stance is on the subject. Good article.

    -Skylar Barkley-


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