Game or Bush Meat?

What is the difference between Game and Bush Meat, Venison or Deer?  Regardless what we call it wild caught food has a taste that brings high quality protein and new flavors to the table.  In the suburbs we are over run by deer that eat or damage almost anything we try grow aside from grass and honeysuckle. Yet we are not allowed to hunt the deer.  This is a structural issue that restricts our ability to harvest the natural bounty of our property.  On the other hand in rural areas, deer are routinely harvested and provide an economical and environmentally friendly source of high quality protein.  The picture below shows four braised venison shanks ready to be chopped up and added to a petite marmite along with some winter vegetables.  Sounds expensive right?  The same food could also be called boiled deer feet.  Sounds gross right?  Aside from the structural issues with hunting or terminology tells if we approve or not.


This particular deer was stealing corn at a friend’s rural hobby farm earlier this year.  The structure of his environment allows for safe hunting and self-sufficiency.  He acted as an agent protecting his crops and feeding himself.  Although he is a well-paid, C-level executive he spends very little on meat: he can literally open his kitchen door and bag a turkey, deer, rabbit, or squirrel before work.  He hangs the prey in his walk in refrigerator for later butchering.  About ten of us had a great time making sausage, salami and other stuff out of this deer.  This was a guys’s fellowship afternoon that was more fun than a bike ride, run or pick-up game of football.  Should we criticize those who enjoy wild caught food and the fun that goes with it?

 In the end the salami tasted great, we had fun, and a few weeks later I cooked a great dinner for my wife and family. Whether we call wild caught food game or bush meat, it tastes great, is environmentally friendly and an underutilized way of feeding folks in the North Atlantic Democracies.  Why do we negatively view folks in less developed areas for eating wild caught bush meat? For many folks in the States it a great pastime and source of high quality protein.



Mike Cappel

3 thoughts on “Game or Bush Meat?

  1. I commonly think the same thing. In suburban areas a lot of people will say they could not hunt but they still consume meat from animals that other people have slaughtered. It is confusing to me how I can own a piece of property and not use it to feed myself and my family.

    Josh Clyde


  2. My question is is it legal to catch animals and eat them in a suburb? I know on the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo where they lived if they hit a dear on the rode they were allowed to take it an and eat it. And if you have a hunting licence and go out and kill a deer its yours to eat. But can you just kill deer on your property because there’s too many of them? Also, I have never tried deer meat or rabbit meat, its seems like it would be good. -Emma kidder


  3. In my experience the people who criticize others for killing their own do so because they could not do so themselves. If people want to hunt for their food, they should be able to do so if it what they choose to do.


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