Natural Wallet Enhancement

It should come to no surprise who has their hands most in your wallets. It’s actually not banks or oil companies…but Pharmaceuticals. The amount us Americans are willing to pay for drugs has almost doubled over the past ten years! The reason is multi-layers but the most simple reason is that: Everyone gets sick and no one wants to be sick. Your possible consumer could be anybody, and that is just too exciting of a prospect for potential money making machines to pass up.

Prescription drug companies have it made in America more than any first world country on earth. For starters, they can sell directly to you without those meddlesome doctors. Also, with the joy of no universal health care, they can bypass insurance companies forcing them to test their products (or have FDA approval) before they will cover them. Thirdly, they contribute to almost every major election, state or federal, to make sure they are not trifled with ( . This is dangerous, not to them, but to you.


The most glaring example of the corruption going on in pharmaceutical companies are their dealings in Vitamins and so called “Miracle cures”. These are usually relatively inexpensive (when compared to other medications) products that have ‘miracle’ beans, vitamins, plants, or oils (or all 4) in them that will cure or help any ailment that you may have. When it came down to actually looking at the product, almost 0 of them actually had the ‘miracle’ drug they claimed to have…and even if they did, most of the time the pill didn’t actually fix a single thing. Dr. Oz is a world famous cardiovascular surgeon who gained notoriety on the Oprah Winfrey show then later with his own show bearing his name. Recently, he has come under fire for shilling products that were never tested, and claiming to give you results that they never could give.


The main question is….HOW IS THIS LEGAL? AND HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? The explosion of pharmaceutical companies and products come down to 2 basic things. People are afraid of dying, and People love money. Both groups are feeding each other, and it is destroying the medical establishments integrity. If you become addicted to one of these shams, be warned, the effects will definitely last longer than 4 hours.

-Matthew J. Schiesl-


2 thoughts on “Natural Wallet Enhancement

  1. If you thought these guys had any integrity, you should watch Pharma-Bro testify before congress
    -Matt McDaniel


  2. ^Even better example!
    -Matt Schiesl-


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