Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

Last week in class we discussed commercials advertising medication. And ass I’m sure you’ve noticed. In almost every commercial they have a doctor backing this medication. But it’s to wondering, are the “doctor” actually doctors? Do they really support/back this medication. It’s like those commercial where they tell you “if you have taken this medication in that past # year and had “illness/issue here” you may have a claim”. Wasn’t these medications backed and supported by “doctors” back then? And if so why would there be medical issues caused by it now? It really gets you to wonder. Are these doctor really looking into our best interest and are they really even real doctors to begin with? Or are they all in it for the money? The fact that they potentially go against the “do no harm” pledge to sell some medication, at least to me, is alarming.
Danny Wells


2 thoughts on “Trust me, I’m a Doctor.

  1. You may want to correct that typo, should be as not ass


  2. I would try and answer some of these questions, you posed many great interesting questions that I am sure all of us want to know the answer to. But you just asked a lot instead of researching. Don’t get me wrong I have the same thoughts as you when I see commercials, but I also want to know the truth behind these answers.
    Trevor G


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