More money, Less stress?

So in class this week we talked a lot about how money influences how much stress you have or how good your health is. Studies upon studies show  that the wealthier you are, the better off you are in health and stress.

I, however, disagree with this. Studies can show all they want but in all reality, every person differs. You can be the richest person in the world, carrying a very risky job, dealing with loved ones that are on their death bed, and some other traumatic experiences. Are you going to tell me that person is better off stress-wise as someone who is middle-class with no family issues and a common desk job? No, of course not. I truly do not see how money can help your stress level when there are so many external factors that affect stress level.

Now, on the other hand, it is also shown that wealthy people have access to better healthcare, therefore giving them a better life expectancy rate. This, I can agree with since many people that live at the middle class or below can only afford the minimal care available. I think that it is so sad that the majority of our nation cannot afford the high level of healthcare that our nation is known for. How can we be so good at taking care of people but not allow them to partake in it?

Many other nations have free healthcare. However, nothing in this world is free. We either pay for it or we get it out of our taxes. So is there really any good way to fix the healthcare cost issue in this nation? I personally disagree with obamacare and haven’t seen a good healthcare policy that i can 100% say i would vote for. Have you guys? Give me your opinion on how we can fix this crisis. By: Alexandria Daviscolor-health-costs1-web.jpg



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