American’s vs. Science

In class we talked a lot about how Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore and how it affected the world and science. I remember when this first came out in the news, I thought people were kidding and it was just a giant scam or joke. After being told this, I remember going home from school and telling my mom that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore and laughing, then she actually told me it was true and I started to do research on why it wasn’t a planet anymore. I thought it was cool to see how all the people reacted in class and how society reacted when we watched all those videos. It’s crazy that so many people thought it was the worst thing ever that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore, although I do feel bad the the little guy. I remember when it got to the point where everyone talked about it, I literally wanted to go up to the planet and give it a hug. It’s so weird how people like you and me got so upset about a planet that is so far away. And it created such a diversion in the world, for instance that Facebook group that contained 1.5 million people demanding Pluto to be a planet again. It’s so crazy how far people will go for things not to change. I feel like this scenario puts a label on America that we don’t like change, and it’s true. I see it everywhere; at my job, at my church, everywhere. People don’t like change and when scientists do this to America people go crazy and almost riot. One thing I did like that was in one of the interviews we saw, was that even though Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, it was considered the king of the asteroids, or something like that. Which I think is pretty cool, considering all that America felt towards it, even though Pluto isn’t a planet anymore it’s not completely forgotten, it’s still recognized in space, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Becca Roberts


4 thoughts on “American’s vs. Science

  1. I think this shows how as a society we don’t like nor embrace change, even if we’re presented with the facts. Pluto isn’t a planet because it isn’t and everyone loses their minds. This is part of the reason scientific illiteracy is growing. When presented with the cold hard facts, we deny them. Ignorance is bliss I guess. – Emma Kidder


  2. Really liked your post, shows how many people started reacting over Pluto not being a planet anymore. I don’t think a lot of people in our society do like to or what to embrace change. A lot of people didn’t understand the reason behind why Pluto was not considered a planet anymore myself included
    -Cori Wolfe


  3. I enjoyed your post a lot. I remember how giant of a deal it was when Pluto was announced to no longer be a planet. I truly think a lot of people are ignorant to change and refuse to accept cold hard facts. However, thats the cool thing about science: it’s true whether you believe it is or not. Pure facts.
    -Alexandria Davis


  4. I like you post and how people freak out over something that does not effect them at all. I remember hearing that it wasn’t a planet anymore and how my friends made a big deal about it for a couple days because it was something to talk about. Within a week we stopped talking about it because it didn’t change our lives at all.

    Andrew Traicoff


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