China vs. U.S.

For decades people have been wondering if the Chinese or American education system is better. I personally believe from what I have read online that the Chinese high school education system is a lot more difficult than the United States. When it comes to colleges and universities, United States has a better system. I will just be focusing on high school today.

According to The Thunderbolt, “In China, students are bombarded with large homework assignments by first grade. Children usually arrive at school at around 7:30 AM and end school late at around 5:30 PM. However, the time a student leaves from school depends on how advanced a student is in school or whether or not he or she has finished the class work”. This article also stated which was really interesting that students in China only receive three years of education in high school. Unlike in America. In America, public schools are free to the public whereas high schools in China are private, making the selectivity and competition very intense. The Chinese students are required to take challenging tests in order to receive acceptance into private high schools. I love this idea and I think the United States should adapt this and also get rid of the no child left behind program. Not everyone likes school or is meant to go to school and education is serious and should be valued and not everyone values it. If getting an education was more difficult people would value it more I think. For the student who do not get accepted into high school due to low test scores are denied from further education and look for work or are homeschooled.

“Despite the challenges high school students in the United States face, the American education system is much more lenient compared to that of China”.


9 thoughts on “China vs. U.S.

  1. Lots of quotes, can you site an article for us to reference?
    I do agree that absolutely the American education system needs some serious revamping. We need to look at every facet of it and completely overhaul it.
    -Jordan Wilcox


  2. There is a question though as to whether the Chinese system promotes critical thinking or simply memorizations for purposes of test taking. I’d much rather see more Americans capable of critical thought than capable of passing a test, though passing a test often follows critical thinking. – Matt McDaniel


  3. I agree that we need to get rid of no child left behind, that program is worthless. However, competitive high schools are not the answer. If all high schools became competitive to get into the students in less educated areas or with suffering GPAs would never get into high school, never go to college and probably be poor forever, contributing to the unemployment rate. Free public high school gives everyone an equal opportunity. In china, there’s no need for equal opportunity, but here that’s what its all about. – Emma Kidder


  4. I went to a Korean high school for a semester long and decided to study abroad in the states while I was in high school. I am not sure how much the education system is different between China and Korea.
    In Korea many high schools aim for students to go to highly renowned universities by a rank, so that shows how good the school is. Usually, you would know what kinds of schools you can enter after taking the national wise college entrance exam. Korea also has private schools emphasized on language, math and science, or technologies.


  5. This was a really interesting post to read. I agree with you that the schools in China are much more advanced and strict. I don’t think I could every school like they do, but it would be cool to try. I also agree with you when you say that if the education in America were more difficult lots of people would definitely value it more.

    Becca Roberts


  6. I enjoyed reading this post very much. I think a huge problem with the American educational system is that many of the kids don’t see the value in it whereas in China, they see what type of potential a good education could give them. I definitely think the educational system here needs adjusted, but moreso than that, the parents and professors need to light a fire under these students butts as well!
    -alexandria Davis


  7. I think the culture difference is one of the major reasons of why china excels and America does not. They appear to defiantly take it more serious than Americans. I also think that their one child policy could be a factor, in China many believe that the child will be the one to take care of the parents when they are older. If you only have one child then you want them to get the best education possible so they can have a good life and support you when you no longer can. I also read a article one where since the one child policy woman have been getting better education since before it was typical that the male child would be the first in line to get a better education. So Chinese parents can put all their resources into one child.


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