American Educational System VS the World

So this past week in class we talked a lot about how America falls short behind the majority of the world in educational value. It truly makes no sense. America is known as one of the most powerful nations in history; we have some of the most prestigious secondary-educational establishments in the world. Our people should be the ones that are excelling in ways no one thought was possible, we shouldn’t be falling behind China and other countries in our own universities. However, it’s the education that is provided to us in America compared to the education that is provided to other countries that is making it so Americans are falling short. For instance, in China, most children are learning multiple languages before the age of 5. Where in America, most children don’t learn a second language until they are in their final years of high school. How does this even compare?

Is this an issue to what we expect of our school-age individuals, or is this an issue due to the type of education provided by the US, or is it due to the other aspects in our society? In my opinion, I feel as if Chinese students are held to a higher standard than many American students. I feel as if they are taught to eat, sleep, and breathe school where US students spend a lot of their time on the internet, messing around, and not taking school near as seriously. cartoon-china-india-usa-study-habits.jpg

So why don’t we do something to fix this? Is it too late to do anything about? Honestly, think about it. If we tried to implement new laws, rules, educational values, how many people would conform after hundreds of years of doing the same types of things. There’s also the “when is enough, enough?” argument. Are the Chinese students being pushed too hard, expected too much out of? Who has the right to say one way or another which is truly the best option?

–Alexandria Davis


2 thoughts on “American Educational System VS the World

  1. I feel that US students have more options compared to Chinese students and that is why we do not take school as seriously. For Chinese students, their standardized test in their last year of high school could determine their entire lives. In the US, if a student does not test well they have several other options to be successful, such as trade schools or community college.

    Andrew Traicoff


  2. I was somewhat depressed to see the result of science literacy test. The American education system can be little laid back and may not emphasize science and math as much as other developing and developed countries do.
    That does not necessarily mean American students care less about education, because they might have scored higher in other criteria- like history, language, etc.


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