Climate Change Is Real And You Should Be Scared

In college, I don’t know all too many people that bluntly state “I don’t believe in climate change”, but I do know plenty that will encounter a 65 degree day in the middle of February and say “Gee, this climate change thing isn’t so bad.” To which I respond with a sigh and a conversation about how a couple nice days in the late winter are not worth brutal Summers, and disgusting amounts of air and water pollution that are threatening to the earth around us.


But aside from those two things, there are way more reasons that climate change is bad. We also should be worried about the fact that there will be increased flooding in coastal areas, a large increase in hurricanes, increased air pollution which affects the air we breathe, increased water pollution which affects the water we drink, increased average global temperatures, and thousands of other things.


Even if the reason people choose to ignore the effects of climate change is because it is “inconvenient” to their lifestyle, that is just a childish view to have. We live in a world where if you can’t adjust to change, then you’re setting yourself up for a life full of misery and failure. You have to be able to adjust to the times and the culture around you in order to remain active in the community and to contribute positives to society. But, just for shits and giggles, lets say that weren’t the case. Why should the issue of climate change be something worth worrying about? Well, it’s also going to affect your children and their children and so on. If you care about the future of your family, you would consciously try to be more aware of the impact you have on the environment around you and instead of contributing to the worsening of the environment, try to be the difference maker and make sure we have a beautiful earth to live on for many more generations.

~David Bohm


7 thoughts on “Climate Change Is Real And You Should Be Scared

  1. I am sad to hear this but I am also sad to say that I am one of those people who will not change. I understand climate change is a real thing but the government is spilling oil into the ocean (peru) and I think they would make a bigger impact on climate change than me taking shorter showers or not litering my gum on the ground. I care about the animals and our earth but I have not been convinced enough to change my ways yet.

    cindy Garner


    • First and foremost, I am mainly referring to big corporations and energy industries that pollute and are putting in the biggest impact, so I agree with you in that you as an individual are not even remotely close to being one of the bigger impacts, but at the same time, every movement starts with the grassroots and individuals have to step up to the plate and be the change they wish to see. Furthermore, taking long showers really isn’t all that bad. The United States has a surplus of water especially compared to the Middle East, for example, and you can lower your water usage in ways that you would have probably never even thought of. I don’t know you on a personal level, but let’s say you eat red meat every so often. If you were to cut down your meat consumption to 0-1 times a week, you could have a greater impact on the amount of water you use more than cutting down your shower time by 5 minutes. Also, littering gum on the ground is a special scenario because it will stick to whatever surface you put it on and stay there for quite some time, but it’s an eye sore and I would hate to be the person that gets it stuck on my shoes. I’m sure you wouldn’t be thrilled if you found him on your shoes. But it would be pretty shitty of you to be one of the people spitting your gum on the ground rather than taking an additional ten seconds to find the nearest trash can, and then at the same time getting mad at someone else who made the same decision just because you stepped in their chewed gum. Just some things to think about.


  2. I am a Biology of Animals major and I hear a lot about the effects of climate change on many species, especially those living in the Arctic. We need to take action against climate change not just for ourselves, but also the helpless animals.
    -Courtney Snuder


  3. I love this mainly because just a few days ago, scrolling through instagram, a girl posted a selfie in a tshirt with the caption, “Gotta love global warming (:”. The fact that it is so easy for people to joke about it with no understanding may be the most interesting part of it all. We need to change our ways to help the future.
    -Alli Stamper


  4. I saw a commercial during the super bowl where it showed all of the things I could do with the water I leave running while brushing my teeth. Now I turn my water off, this is something I can control. I am a college student paying my own way and I can’t afford to buy a new car my brother passed down his truck to me and I drive it every day. Sometimes there are circumstances that don’t allow for change.
    Trevor Ginn


  5. I believe that individual movements are base of bigger changes that can have a positive effect on climate change. The power of the consumer needs to be re-realized and taken back by the American people. If we make a point to use less plastic bottle, companies will not produces as many. I also like what you said about water usage in your comments. I think we take water for granted in America. Just because we have it does not mean we will always have clean accessible water.


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