Does Social Media Play a Role in Our Generations Beliefs

I got onto twitter for the first time in a little while a couple weeks ago, I saw people retweeting rapper “B.O.B” I assumed their retweets were sarcastic.  He was trying to convince the twitter world that the earth is flat.  We laugh and joke because we know science has proven over and over again that this statement is absurd.

I found it funny as well, clearly not many people really saw his angle here.  He tried using multiple different references to prove he was not crazy and the earth really is flat.  But then it hit me, everyone is joking about this, yet many of these people who were laughing actually do let pop culture icons impact their own thoughts on science.  Typically if you like a singer, actor or someone else who is famous you believe in what they believe in(our generation) when looking at the scores of students we have discussed the decline in how well they are doing.  All too often we are using social media from uninformed people who have no credibility as to what they are talking about when it comes to things like this.  Instead of checking the actual news from real sources, we use twitter, instagram and facebook.


I challenge all of us to not believe everything we hear.  I want to be informed, recently i have shied away from using twitter because anyone can post anything with zero credibility.  Not to mention there is almost always an angle used by people in todays world.


4 thoughts on “Does Social Media Play a Role in Our Generations Beliefs

  1. I find that a lot of people get their political view from social media instead of watching a debate or reading into candidates plan. I also run into the issue of my parents reading something on facebook and then asking me about some crazy story that isn’t true but that they read as true science. It is scary to think about the false information being absorbed by the majority of people.


  2. I agree with this. Social media plays a huge role in how our generation views things. It allows us to see what is and what isn’t popular amongst our peers and celebrities in which whom we idolize. Which in exchange transforms our thoughts and beliefs. As of lately I have been realizing a lot of “news” is heavily distorted or misleading. By the time the manipulated material trickles down to impressionable youngsters the news has completely changed but it’s almost too late to change that persons beliefs by then.

    -Skylar Barkley-


  3. I agree with your post that some people believe everything on social media where there are possibility of inaccurate information. How to identify credible information on social media is challengeable but it is important to avoid inaccurate information.

    -rawan algahsan


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