Science vs. Religion

srScience vs. Religion is such an awkward topic to talk about because some people will never see the other side, some people are set in their ways and some people are just straight crazy. I googled Science vs. Religion and millions of articles popped up talking about this topic. One came up which I thought was really interesting. This is the first quote that caught my attention. “The Ancient Greek philosophers were one of the first groups to look at religion and science together. Most believed that there was no distinction between science and theology. Great thinkers, such as Aristotle, believed that science was a process of trying to understand the natural laws behind creation. It was their view that creation was mathematically perfect, and that logic and reasoning could discern the mind of the gods.” I thought this was very interesting and it makes sense that science was trying to understand the natural laws behind creation. I disagree with them thinking that creation was mathematically perfect. Nothing is really perfect and some things were created that are not perfect. At the very end of this article there is a quote:

“Religion without science is superstition and science without religion is materialism.”

I would like to know how people feel about this quote. It made me think for a second. I feel like I can not comment on this quote because I am not that religious and do not know much about religions. For someone who is I would be curious if you like this quote or not. This quote is from `Abdu’l-Bahá, son of the founder of the Baha’i faith. Overall I do not have much knowledge to comment on this topic and as I searched more I was even more confused on what to believe. 

To read more the article is linked below.]
By: Cindy Garner


6 thoughts on “Science vs. Religion

  1. I liked this post and I agree with you that it is an awkward subject to talk about. The quote you posted really made me think.
    -Kellie Behrle


  2. This post was really interesting. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and we never had any conflict between science and religion. I was very surprised about this issue. It never brought to my attention that so many debates and discussions are based on this conflict. Maybe this is because of my religion and the environment I was raised in. I am a Buddhist and sometimes in school we were shown the links between science and our religion. Whatever the religion we come from, I feel that it should not be looked at the extremes. We should use religion to build our soul and follow a righteous path. Science, on the other hand, should be used logically to improve the world around. That is a great quote, I think the quote shapes according to the way we define religion. I really enjoyed reading your post.
    A M Ovini H Amarasinghe


  3. I can see the accuracy in the quote. Believing in a religion involves having faith in an idea based on teaching rather than proof. Thinking of science as materialistic is a bit more complicated, but I guess if we are trying to understand stuff, we really are just focusing on these material things of the world. But if we believe in religion alongside of science, we can focus on the material things in order to admire their creation.

    -Courtney Snyder

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  4. That is a really good quote to deal with this subject of religion and science. It too made me stop and really think how accurate it is. Good post!

    Becca Roberts


  5. I do like that quote. I do not follow a particular religion, however I always had wondered why religion couldn’t think of science as the effect of a higher power. And as far as science goes, I think there is only so much we will ever know as we live on a speck of a planet in a vast universe, who is to say that there is not another realm of things we know nothing about? I don’t identify with a religion, but I don’t think anyone else is wrong for having one. I think that a possibility of a higher power being the driving force for science isn’t a crazy idea, and like I said, we can never know everything, so all things are possible. -Madeline Howard


  6. I disagree with the quote if ‘science’ was referred to natural science. I think it is misleading on both religion and science. For instance, how would science deal with a miracle? If there is a person walking on the water, religion would interpret there might be supernatural power in him while science would look at the liquid and the shoes or anything that makes possible to stay against gravity.


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