Southern California Gas Leak

After viewing the Bhopal documentary on Thursday, I was in shock by how the town was affected by Union Carbide’s gas leak to this day. Also, how Union Carbide continued to ignore Bhopal after and did not take anymore responsibility after they paid the government an insignificant amount of money. The documentary on Bhopal opened my eyes because it was such a devastating disaster and I have never heard about it until class. I wanted to learn more about companies that are severely polluting our earth today and affecting the lives of the people surrounding their plant.

The SoCal gas storage facility in Aliso Canyon, California has had an ongoing natural gas leak since October 23, 2015. The gas leak has poured so much methane gas into the atmosphere that it now comprises 2% of the entire country’s annual methane emissions, according to figures from the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). This figure is expected to rise, given that the leak is, supposedly, not likely to be stopped until later this month. The gas leak has forced more than 2,000 people to leave Porter Ranch, California, which is 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, due to public health concerns because many people have been reporting, “symptoms consistent with exposure to additives found in natural gas.” At the leak’s peak, it was emitting around 72 million standard cubic feet of methane a day, which is the same amount of global warming pollution as driving 9 million cars a day. Today, the leak has declined to around 38 million standard cubic feet of methane per day, which is equal to driving 4.5 million cars per day.

Contrary to the Bhopal disaster, SoCal Gas is taking responsibility for their actions and doing what they can to stop it. Also, the state of California is drawing up legislation in order for a disaster like this to never happen again.




Andrew Traicoff








2 thoughts on “Southern California Gas Leak

  1. Along with the Bhopal leak I have never heard of the SoCal gas leak either and that occurring in the country I live in. It’s amazing how minimal coverage topics like these get in the media, yet they have some of the most damaging lasting effects. It makes you wonder if these large corporations care about the mistake that was made and the people that it affected or if they solely care about their image and reputation. With everything being so “hush-hush” it makes me feel like a lot of these corporations can be shady. Warren Anderson is an example of that.

    -Skylar Barkley


  2. This is crazy to think about. All of this is happening so recently yet we still don’t hear or know anything about it. It is insane to me that we talk about what actress is having plastic surgery is done yet we don’t know a thing about the air we are breathing. Good post!
    -Alli Stamper


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