Unilever Pollutes

Unilever set up a thermometer factory in Kodaikanal around 15 years ago. The workers at the factory suffered from prolonged exposure to mercury from lack of information about it or protection from it. Unilever Carelessly dumped mercury in Kodaikanal around the plant, causing many health issues for the people of Kodaikanal, which often resulted in death, especially from the workers. Babies suffer birth defects from the pollution which continues to be in their soil and groundwater. The workers at the factory fall ill and can not afford health care. The woman in the first video, Esther Rani, talks about the impact it has had on her family. Their son worked at this factory and was poisoned by the mercury. He fell ill and became continuously more sick until he passed away. Esther and her husband spent all of their money to try to save him, and in the end had to spend more money on his funeral expenses. While suffering from the loss of their son, they too became ill and could not afford to take care of themselves due to all of the money spent trying to help their son. This is unjust, and what is worse, Unilever will not own up to the damage and suffering they have caused for the residents of Kodaikanal and will not clean up their mess. Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever claims that Unilever developed Kodaikanal and gave the people there a better life, however the people beg to differ. He is trying to tell people who suffer from direct illness from the pollution, people who have lost family members, that he has given them a better life. He continues to claim that Unilever is not responsible for any pollution. I think one of the first solutions to this problem could be educating people about this issue all over the world so people will protest Unilever and quit buying their products until they clean up their mess. The second video is a video meant to spread education about Unilever polluting Kodaikanal and getting people to step up against Unilever.

Madeline Howard



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