Big Bang is my God. God is my Big Bang.

Where do we come from? What “created” us? That is a question that has been ask for countless years. And “lucky” for us we got two answers. Creation and Evolution. Unfortunately for us this has caused quite the argument. It’s become the science vs religion debate over what the start was to the same end result. On one hand you got Creationist saying the universe and life originated from specific acts of divine creation and on the other hand Evolutionist say we evolved from other beings. I personally don’t regard any to be false. Evolution is known to be true, it’s clearly evident, but that doesn’t throw out the creationist idea either least in my opinion. The way I see it we could be arguing over the same thing. For example, in terms of language the same item can have different names. Such as cat in English is gato in Spanish. Different words, same thing. Now with this in mind lets look at the Creation vs Evolution debate. Creationist believe God created life and Evolutionist believe in the Big Bang Theory. Regardless of what either believes started the universe, neither can describe with a physical description on what created the universe. Now with all bias aside, who is to says both these ideas are the same thing with just a different name. For all we know we are arguing over something we believe in when in reality it’s the same thing we call by another name. God could be the Big Bang Theory and the Big Bang Theory is God. Personally this what I think cause let’s be honest, we don’t know everything 100%. And for all we know we could all be wrong. And if we are, then that makes us all fools.


-Danny Wells

6 thoughts on “Big Bang is my God. God is my Big Bang.

  1. Great post Danny. It is a debate that seems forever ongoing, and as you said it is a difficult topic to pick a firm stance on but I think that you brought up an interesting idea. For all we know science and religion could be related in a much closer way than any of us could imagine. In my opinion, a people on both sides of the argument could find common ground, and together could move forward and discover things that we never thought we could. I personally cannot deny the facts that stem from the scientific world, but I also grew up religious. So now, as an adult I use my faith that I have built being a religious person to trust in science, and its findings. Thanks for the post!

    Cullan McCarthy


  2. This reminds me of the Bill Nye debate that was aired a couple years ago. I like how instead of picking one side you chose to acknowledge the fact that there are indeed different opinions. The problem I have is how sometimes people are just close-minded. To simply deny evolution and say that the earth is at most 12,000 years old is ignorant. I like how you put both sides into the post, I personally take much more of a scientific perspective on it.

    – MIke Montague


  3. It is the ongoing debate that will not end anytime soon. Very interesting though how God could in fact be the Big Bang and visa versa. I agree with the fact that since we don’t know for sure, it is important to not skip to a quick conclusion.


  4. First off, love the title of the blog. I do really like this article because I feel that this is an age old argument that hopefully one day can be settled. Being Catholic and in a science major is hard to deal with because of who you work with and their views. I feel the problem with science is that they always want to know more where religion is based on not as well knowing more but having faith that everything is fine.

    – Matthew Wurzelbacher


  5. I like your perspective on this. I used to think of the two as direct opposites. Either you believe in the Big Bang theory or you believed in God. It is possible that maybe they are one in the same. This definitely shifted my views on who or what gets credit for creation.

    -Skylar Barkley


  6. Very interesting. I’ve never thought of this topic in this way. We, as humans, love to disagree and argue over things. As much as it makes sense, I think it’d be very hard for the two sides to come together and say, “hey, what if we’re both right?” But, it is definitely something to think about!
    -Jocelyn Scott


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