Communicating religion between others that do not share our views has always been a touchy subject, just the way communicating political matters to others with different political views is. More often than not, this “communication” will end in a full blown argument, as I’ve witnessed many times. People are so set in their ways and they get so offended by the fact that others don’t see life the same way in which they do. As this video points out, communicating about religion can turn into an aggressive, heated matter.  Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could coexist?

Watching this video somewhat disturbs me. For those of you that don’t want to take the time to watch a video, I understand that, I’ll sum it up quickly. A Christian man is preaching his views through a microphone in busy, downtown New York City. A Muslim man that happened to be walking by, gets offended by the fact that this man is shoving his beliefs down bystanders throats. Also, he doesn’t believe with the information being communicated. He feels that he has to confront this man and does so in an aggressive manor. What is it about religion that causes this Muslim man to be so angered by the words that this man is preaching? I think part of it is the fact that we, as humans, have trouble learning to coexist with others that don’t share our views. As well as this, the Christian man is having trouble coexisting because he is going out and trying to get these passerby’s to accept and believe that his message is the truth. Is there a way that this situation could be avoided and both parties could be happy? I’m not exactly sure. But, what I do know, is that if we were to respect others beliefs, we could avoid so much unnecessary violence and war in our world.

I’m honestly not convinced we will ever be able to peacefully coexist when it comes to religion. But if we work on our communication skills pertaining to each others beliefs, the world could become a lot better place. Keeping silent when we don’t agree will help to keep the peace and bring us one step closer to world peace (insert tiara crown emoji).

-Jocelyn Scott


4 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. I totally feel your pessimism towards this subject. But I too agree that through better communication and understanding of different religions, there is hope for peace. I understand nobody really wants to be told that they are wrong, what we need to do is start presenting opposing viewpoints as opinion and not fact. Because, as most people can agree, everyone IS entitled to their own opinion. It’s strange that this does not also apply towards religion. Good post!

    – Drew Sliger


  2. Videos like the one that you posted in this blog honestly scare me. It makes me think that coexisting will never be an option for everyone which is really sad. I will never understand the people who feel the need to force their beliefs on you especially when it comes to religion because neither side has any physical evidence other than their own book of beliefs.

    Josh Clyde


  3. What a stressful video. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that these types of situations, though volatile, are rare. The vast majority of all people are logical, sane, and understanding. While neither of these men were illogical, both clearly felt they were in the right. Personally, I do take issue with street preachers, and have had horrible experiences in name calling and jeers directed at me for not wanting to hear their “message”. These people, however, represent such a small proportion of the whole population. A you said, we may not be able to be 100% globally understanding, but communication will certainly help.

    Kaylin Brodzki


  4. I really appreciate this post. I think it’s crazy how people get so upset about subtle differences in religion. A religion like Judaism literally uses the first five books of the bible, “Torah”, as it’s teachings. The fact that Christians and other religions can get so upset about that is crazy. I agree that some of these arguments and problems could be resolved in the way that people communicate these ideas. Not everything has to be the same in every culture, being able to coexist peacefully is something that people need to work on. Respect everyone.

    Mike Montague


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