Environmental Beliefs

I left class on Thursday with one question.  “Do I live under a rock or what because I have never heard of Bhopal?”  I couldn’t believe I have never heard of this before, I have heard of much more minor incidents happening in the U.S. the past few years.  But, not once have I heard of what is said the be the biggest industrial disaster to date.  It seemed like there were two different powerhouses involved to really sweep this under the table. But why?  Everyone points fingers at each other when things like this happen, but my first question is, why didn’t India’s government do anything about this?  Did they agree with the American corporation that they would not get involved if something like this happened? This was all confusing to me because no one seemed to be responsible or at least held accountable for what happened.  It is truly disturbing that children are being born with disabilities, this is wrong and still no one is held accountable for this, why did no one act upon this? 5,200 deaths and thousands of others injured not to mention the post affects of this gas explosion, but these people were expected to just be fine with it and to move on with their lives?  I guess I just have a lot of questions as to why nothing was ever done.  If something were to be done now, who would these consequences’s be for? Dow?  Was Dow even affiliated with Union Carbide during the time of the incident, who can do something about helping the issue, If nothing has been done yet to punish for what happened then at least fighting for a healthy life should be better than nothing, but will Dow agree to pay for it?  Probably not if they aren’t forced to.



Queen City Barrel


One thought on “Environmental Beliefs

  1. The real tragedy of Bhopal it that it was a near repeat of a disaster in Seveso, Italy. Fortunately in Italy the site was not as large and Seveso is in a more rural environment. Twenty Eight women had abortions (which was illegal in Italy at the time) and over 80,000 farm animals were killed in the accident or slaughter afterward due to the contamination. After Seveso the EU promulgated a series of Industrial Regulations known as the Seveso Rules.

    In Seveso and Bhopal a simple overflow tank would have prevented the consequences of Industry gone Wild.

    Mike Cappel


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