Memory of nature

  When I was young, I moved into Seoul, South Korea. My apartment was imbued with urban stuff and really hard to find green things. It was so different from Cincinnati. The surrounding environment was just like the fortress of buildings. First when I found kids in this new place, they do not let me in their group. They thought the kid who was born in different country will be different from them. At the first time I was really depressed and cry a lot but I asked them to be my friend. Unfortunately they rejected and we fought. Well, it’s a kids’ story. After fights we became a friend and they let me in their group. In that time, South Korean are not really good at speaking English and hard to learn English. So, they thought I was boasting my status when I using English. However, when I got into their group, we’re plan to explore somewhere for our school assignment. We took out our bicycle from the garage and just keep pressing our pedals. A few minutes later, a gray buildings are moved away and we can see the greens. While riding the dirt roads, the air was fresh and wind was soft and warm. The end of road, we finally arrived the forest that we expected. We climbed the trees and tried to catch a beetles and dragonflies (In my case, I really scared dragonfly so I refuse to catch). One of my friend tried to catch a cicada but unfortunately he missed his butterfly net and cicada flew away took a leak on his face. We were totally lose track of time to play in the forest and the dark came out. We sang a song when we ride back along the track that we passed and finally we arrived our home at 10 P.M at night. 8 years old kids didn’t have their cellphone at that time. We made our parents scared so when we arrived each our house, we met our doom. Sadly I heard from my friend that forest was disappeared last year and the high-rise apartment buildings were already built in that area. The place is not exist now but I can recall a happy memory anytime that I want. I hope to go that place and see with my bare eyes on this summer vacation.images



One thought on “Memory of nature

  1. This really upsets me. You love and cherish your memory of this forest and the greed of people allowed for them to destroy hundreds of trees to make some lame apartments. I really wish that wasn’t the case and hope you are able to find your happy place in nature somewhere else in the states. Perhaps look into exploring the Rocky Mountains?

    ~David Bohm


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