Meditation Sesh

During our meditation session in class, I thought about a number of things that I have done while in nature. I thought about the number of times that I had gone hiking in local parks, but the one that really stuck out to me was the time that I went to Red River Gorge this past October. As an environmental studies major, you would think that I have had my fair share of camping trips, and I feel that way too, but unfortunately, this was my first one. During the fall reading days, I ventured to the beautiful Red River Gorge with a group  of friends. Two of my friends are in my fraternity and three of which I hadn’t met before, but we grew so close after this trip. It’s safe to say I wouldn’t have been able to grow so close with my new friends if it weren’t for this expedition. There is something about nature that brings people together. We were able to bond over the excellent views, hiking the hills and trails, crossing the creeks and building a fire.


(Taken by Yours Truly)

The meditation session also made me think about the fact that I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go on this trip as it reminded me why I became an environmental studies major in the first place: to ensure the conservation of nature, and do anything and everything I can to make sure it is around to its fullest potential for animals to dwell, and future generations of humans to see, and enjoy. Without nature, we just have a lot of huge cities that smell bad. [I’m sorry, but it’s true.] I love New York City [and other cities], but every other street smells like sewage. As humans, even though many of us have lost our touch with nature, it is a right of passage to spend extended periods of time in the outdoors, connect with our inner selves, and connect with the world around us. It really upsets me when people don’t care about the excessive harvesting of our resources like mass deforestation and fossil fuel burning because it’s harming the natural world, and it screws over other innocent animals, and it screws over people that want to have the ability to explore and learn, and if we as humans don’t change our ways soon, our world isn’t going to be habitable, so it won’t even matter that people are trying to make a quick buck.

~David Bohm


2 thoughts on “Meditation Sesh

  1. Loved this post! It is so important to get out into the world and experience nature all around us. It’s such a joy!

    -Matthew Schiesl-


  2. I had a similar experience where my friend and I decided to take a weekend trip to Red River Gorge and explore nature at its fullest with absolutely no type of technology. It was an experience to feel that close to nature and marvel at nature’s beauty

    -Matthew Wurzelbacher


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