Our Experince With Nature

Two weeks ago we talked about what nature meant to us individually.  We were told to close our eyes and picture our greatest moment when we felt like we were one with nature.  Sounds like some hippy style meditation right?  Wrong, it actually was a perfect exercise to practice.  As funny as it sounds to do, each and every one of us, has had a special connection with nature.  It may not be the same image of nature but we each have our own experience.

My experience with nature personally would be considered the ideal thoughts of nature.  I remember as a kid going to Miami Whitewater Park and then going to the Cincinnati Zoo and even having picnics up by Eden Park.  Nature to me was playing outside in the sun, visiting the animals at the zoo, and taking hikes on the forest trails.  Though not everyone I heard from felt the same way about nature.  When I asked my friend about nature, he told me his first thoughts were cities and skyscrapers and hanging out in the city with his family.  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that was considered anybody’s nature.  It all goes back to our childhood experience and how that affected us growing up.  That doesn’t always mean that if we were exposed to nature a lot as a kid we were meant to love being outside and appreciating nature.

My friend told me that being from New York City, they didn’t have much of the typical nature that I had explained to him.  As he put it, he lived in a concrete jungle and wouldn’t have change it growing up.  From the sounds of cars honking and cab drivers yelling, to the smells of pizzerias on every corner, those to him were aspects of his personal nature.   He said it’s made him appreciate all types and views of nature moving to Ohio.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, or what your nature is considered to be.  Every one of us has a personal connection with it.  Even if you only had a small garden terrace in a giant bustling city compared to access of a local park in a small town, they all have special connections.  This is why communication is important because learning about everyone’s aspect of a similar topic can be so enlightening.

By: Matthew Wurzelbacher


2 thoughts on “Our Experince With Nature

  1. Good post Matthew, I agree nature is everywhere it just depends how you see it. Some would even view a concrete jungle as nature because it was made by us humans and we are a part of nature.
    Trevor Ginn


  2. I agree your perseptive of nature depends on where you grew up and what you did as a kid. It is important to understand other peoples views of nature because then you have a better insight of what people value. Understanding this you can express your values even if they are different and both appreciate new things.
    Shelby Simmons


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