Getting to the Root of an Environmental Issue

In class this week we discussed ways in which we consume items that donate money to certain causes. Although this idea sounds great, it does minimal to help by masking and avoiding the root of the problem. Topher White, the speaker in this Ted talk, has an idea that uses our consumption in a positive manner in order to recycle items that have become obsolete in a way that will reduce deforestation. According to INTERPOL, 90% of deforestation that takes place is illegal. Deforestation causes approximately 17% of greenhouse gasses and is the second leading cause of climate change. However, if the illegal deforestation could be eliminated, the issue would greatly shrink. One reason that this illegal deforestation takes place is because the natural noise of the rain forest drowns out the noise of chain-saws. Topher  White suggests that we use old cell phones and cell signal, which is already available, to create a listening and alert system so that illegal loggers can be caught. Watch the video for more details on his plan.

-Courtney Snyder



4 thoughts on “Getting to the Root of an Environmental Issue

  1. Loved the video. I had no idea what you said about illegal deforestation: “. One reason that this illegal deforestation takes place is because the natural noise of the rain forest drowns out the noise of chain-saws.”
    That is absolutely terrible. Especially to learn about the gibbon sanctuary. I’m glad Topher brought up the issue of deforestation, tying it into climate change. I liked his solutions as well.

    Thanks for the post!

    -Gabriella Feltman


  2. Love the idea of reusing cell phones. In fact through the efforts of myself and friends we set up a cell phone drop/off recycling program in the city of Montgomery.

    A better solution than increased policing of the forests, is to look at the root cause of the illegal logging. I suspect that, like in illegal logging in Ohio, it is due to lack of jobs for the timber rustlers.

    Mike Cappel


  3. Thought your post was interesting, didn’t know that part of the problem with catching illegal deforestation was not being able to hear it. Thought I was a cool idea to take a reuse the cell phones to be able to hear the illegal deforestation. Interesting post thanks for sharing
    cori wolfe


  4. Very interesting post that raises many important points. In particular I think it’s pretty absurd whenever I go buy something like a new pair of shoes or a coffee and then the cashier asks me “Would you like to donate 1$ to help . . . (insert global issue here)” My answer is no every single time. It’s not that I don’t support veterans, the environment, or fighting global hunger, but I do know that giving that 1$ will not result in a better situation for those I’m trying to help. It’s much more effective to donate time/money to organizations directly that are fighting to make the world better. Good post!
    -Drew Sliger


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