Work Work Work

This week in class we talked about the difference between leisure and work. Work of course is mainly inside and you have to put forth effort in order to get paid to do the leisure part of it. The leisure part is normally effortless and sometimes outside, whether it be playing in the park or simply hanging out with friends around a campfire. We also talked about buying satisfaction. This statement rang really true for me in my life. I find myself sitting at work waiting for customers to walk through the door and I start to calculate how much I will make for that certain shift and what I can spend the money I made on. Whether that be groceries, clothes or a night out with my friends. I am constantly figuring out how I can spend my money and what I can do to reward myself for doing all the “hard work” at work. To me that is very self-centered of me. I’m constantly thinking about how I can satisfy myself, and not others. I feel like if I was a little less self-centered and thought more about others than myself, I would feel better about making all that money and standing there trying to figure out how to spend it. We have this opportunity to make money unlike many others around us. So why am I so self-centered with all this money. Maybe it’s because I’m  “poor college student” and need all my money for my needs, maybe it’s because I have yet to learn how to be grateful for the little I have and how I really can spare just a few dollars for someone else in need. I really liked listening to this lecture maybe because it made me realize how it related to my life. How I’m constantly thinking about what I can buy for myself when I should be more selfless with what I make.

Becca Roberts


2 thoughts on “Work Work Work

  1. There is nothing in the world as great as having a meaningful job that you like and liking the folks you work with. Most of the very wealthy folks I know are doing something they love and like everyone they work with as well as like their clients. Life is too short to have a job you don’t like.

    Most college students are paying their dues while they work on their education. A job you don’t like or a boss that you don’t like will teach you more than four years at UC. Take your time and find the right job. They are out there.

    MIke Cappel


  2. I totally agree with and Mike. At the moment, we are just engrossed with the motif of making money to get through college. After we get our degree, we can have a better job, a job that we won’t feel that we are working. Something that we can do with passion where we won’t feel the time ticking. This way the time spent will be effortless and with proper planning we might actually have enough time to spend leisurely.
    A M Ovini H Amarasinghe


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