Consumerism and the Tiny House Movement

As more and more people are becoming aware of the health, societal, environmental, and generational impacts of our planet’s unsustainable consumerism, we see more an more people changing their own lives completely. We see people trending towards net zero living, where they produce so much renewable energy that they are putting power BACK INTO the power grid, as well as sustaining their own living arrangements with 100% renewable energy. A-frames and other tiny house building plans is trending on social media almost constantly. People want to lessen their own individual carbon footprint, and are doing it by changing their ways of living. tiny-house-movement

They realize that they might not be able to change the world, but they can change their own lives, and that is a beautiful idea. It is one of the most beautiful forms of peaceful protest, to change your life and practice what you preach. You don’t like how cruel animal slaughter has become? Look into consuming only halal meat, or buying from local producers who slaughter humanely. You don’t want to consume GMO crops? Look into starting an Heirloom seed garden, and raising your own bees. Is it convenient to be a consumer? Absolutely. Just know that we all do our damage to the planet, and no reusable coffee cup and TOMs purchase is going to cure that. We as individuals have the choice everyday to continue living in a way that our children might grow healthy and strong and not plagued by a plethora of man-made or man-exacerbated (ie Zika hasn’t come to America before now because the climate could not support the mosquitoes who carry it, now that is changing) illnesses, diseases, and other problems. We have a responsibility to our planet to ensure it is properly taken care of, and these people are living that ideal daily. They have taken on consumerism and are living and breathing their protestations.

-Jordan Wilcox


7 thoughts on “Consumerism and the Tiny House Movement

  1. I enjoyed your post and agree with the point you have made. Individual effort is needed, even if it is on a small scale. Although I would not like to live in an extremely tiny house, I could handle in a slight reduction and smart choices could be made when it comes to water and electricity. Also, we could all be more mindful when it comes to what we buy to fill our house. Do we really need all of the decorations to make a place feel like home?

    -Courtney Snyder


  2. I like your post. I have always wanted to try and live in one of those tiny houses and see if I would go insane in the close quarters. These houses send the message that we can live with less. We do not have to go to that extreme but we can all size down and still live a comfortable life.

    Andrew Traicoff


  3. I fully support the concept of a small house.

    When we started out my wife and I lived in a 600 square foot apartment and rented out the second floor 600 square foot apartment. After collecting the rent from the tenant we had all but $24 of our house payment.. But nine years later, when we moved to our current house there were me, my wife and three children. Six hundred square feet (1200 after the tenant moved out) was still not enough room for a family of five.

    Peace, space and a good nights sleep are parts of a healthy, comfortable life.

    Mike Cappel

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  4. I love the little house show! It is a very interesting concept, I think American feel entitled to large homes because it is what most people know. I love watching house shows and always watch house hunters international and many times the Americans are shocked of what little space there is. I think the way America is set up is part of the issue. We have suburbs everywhere so you can’t walk anywhere and if you can’t walk anywhere the more the reason to stay in your home.

    Shelby Simmons


  5. I love this post. I completely agree that it is up to us to protest things we don’t like with our own lifestyles. I don’t like GMO’s and not knowing where my food is coming from, so I just recently starting learning how to grow my own food. I love the idea of sustainable housing and I would like to become more educated on how I can do something like this for myself in the future.-Madeline Howard


  6. I like your post. We do have a responsibility to help the planet and it is sad the damage that is done. I do not think I could live in a tiny house though. I need a lot of space and I like to be alone at times. I could try it out for a month but I don’t know if I could live there for good.


  7. Went to a housing symposium last night. More than half the participants supported the concept of small houses. The suggestion to allow this to happen was to have no restrictions on house size in the zoning code. No minimum size: no maximum size.


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