All “Natural”

I remember personally when I was a kid, back in the 90’s, there wasn’t this huge trend on all natural foods, or 100% organic.  I honestly don’t even remember hearing about GMO’S or these gluten free food choices.  Even being a vegan was a vague concept to me and I rarely saw that growing up.  Now that’s not saying I was sheltered growing up but it just doesn’t seem so “popular” now that I am older.

Even advertising back when I was younger seemed different.  Companies would put out these commercials producing their food and how delicious and exciting it was, but at no catch.  Back then it was about how good their food tasted and how reasonable the price was too.  Now a days when I see a commercial trying to push any type of food, whether it be fast food, sit down restaurant, grocery goods, or even take out, they have to squeeze in somehow how to food is either good for you, or is organic in some way.

When I think of organic foods, I think of vegetables and fruits growing fresh in gardens and fields or farms.  If something is organic in my mind then it is 100% organic.  It can’t be marketed as “organic with a new taste” or some odd slogan that almost sounds like an oxymoron.  To clarify on what I’m trying to state, here’s an example.  When you go to the grocery store, have you ever noticed how some fruits or vegetables say, “all organic” or some form of that phrase?  Shouldn’t our fruits and vegetables already be organic?  How can they be half organic or half genetically produced, but still have a sticker claiming it’s all natural.

We learned in class last week, how big companies seem to just topple over the smaller companies and send messages to consumers, telling them their products are never going to satisfy them.  This usually is considered in regards to products like phones, cars, and sometimes even houses.  Though I feel like it concerns how we market our food too.  Like I stated earlier, in the 90’s I don’t remember the term organic being thrown around so much.  We can only do so much with our food before it will literally be comprised of nothing more than just base chemicals and modified fat.  Companies are trying so hard to look like the good guys where in fact, the farmers and the local small family owned grocery stores are the heroes.  Sure we don’t see as much advertisement from them but that’s because they are changing their product.  It’s the same healthy stuff we’ve been eating all along and I feel like sometimes people forget that.

Honestly it all comes down to people want what people want to see and that’s it.  If you’re in the store and trying to find something healthy, companies know that people are going to go straight for whatever brand says “all natural” or “fresh and organic”.  Be smart and remember that just because it says it’s organic, doesn’t mean it actually is.

By: Matthew Wurzelbacher


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