Consumed by Consumption.

Consumption anymore has become a normality in everyday life. In fact in some societies it’s become a social status. It’s even gone to the point that people are consumed by consumption. Always have to have the highest grade, the best of the best, and the newest item even if they barely owned the “old” versions. And unfortunately for us many a companies use this to make dosh. For example smartphones, just about everyone has them. And everyone always wants the newest phone, which is every year. Every year a new phone is released. And even though our current phones work perfectly fine we get the newer ones. And what becomes of our old ones? In the trash, waste. And it doesn’t stop at phones. Cars, clothes, appliances, tvs and furniture  get replaced way before they are needed too. Now where does this cause an issue? Resources that’s where. The materials used in these items are for the most part made using resources that are finite meaning they don’t last forever. So when we replaced our goods while to older versions still work we are potentially throwing away materials that are limits, creating waste as you call it. This is all due to the motion to consume. We feel the need to be a consumer. We’ve been taught that unless we buy things we are nothing. Unless we have the top of the line item we are worthless. Unless we consume we are a waste of space. This mindset has cause a line of pointless consumption. Do we really need that new gadget even though we just bought a older version. Is it really worth wasting money and resources to be considered “hip”. It really is something to think about and consider for our choices today affect our future tomorrow.


Danny Wells


3 thoughts on “Consumed by Consumption.

  1. You bring up a really great point. I agree with you a lot on this. Society has become this neverending “I have to get new stuff or I will explode” and it sucks because we probably don’t need half of the stuff we buy.

    ~David Bohm


  2. I agree with you on this completely. For example, by best friend had an iPhone 6 and was constantly complaining how bad it was and how much she “hates this phone”. Yet, instead of switching to an Android, right when the new iPhone 6s came out, she got that. What I realized is, it isn’t the fact it was a bad phone, she didn’t like the fact that people had a better phone than her. Consumption is overwhelming, and your post explained that perfectly.
    -Alli Stamper


  3. I really like your quote applying De Carte’s logic, “I shop therefore I am”. In the material world, we are most likely defined who we are- in the computer world, PC users, mac users, and other operation users. In the phone world, we are smart phone users or non-smart phone users. However, it does not provide a full defnition of who we are. And I agree with you that our mindset should be alerted more on consumption. I would also ask myself am I consuming for my need or just another consumption for a new cutting-edge title.


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