Deception In The Advertising World

Advertising is “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements” Personally, other than brand recognition, I don’t really see the benefits of advertising. This is especially true with companies such as Geico. I have seen so many Geico commercials in my life with that stupid talking lizard that I am sure I am never going to get their insurance in my lifetime. What I’m getting at is that often times, regardless of how companies market/advertise their products or services, the advertisements can prove to be detrimental to their intended cause. I believe there is a happy medium when it comes to advertising, and most companies seem to go overboard.

The concept of green product attributes is an interesting one. The biggest problem is that they can be very deceiving. People often think they are supporting an environmentally responsible company but really they are just buying into the company’s hands. These claims can also lead to the consumers feeling good about their “environmentally sound decision”, meanwhile they know very little about the true environmental costs of the products they buy.


One of the most disturbing realities that I picked up on while reading was that many companies care more about a profit than they do about bettering the world as a whole and making socially responsible decisions. The concept of “Green Image” was of particular worry. Not only does the company still try to manipulate the consumer’s feelings towards their brand, but also they do so in a very indirect way without providing any evidence/support that they stand for the claims they are making. This is another example of how companies act in the best financial interest of themselves by exploiting a legitimate issue with their nonsensical and ambiguous support.

The bottom line is that we need to be more aware as consumer’s about which brands we choose to support. It’s important for us to remember that not all companies are being honest with us, especially in the form of advertisements. As we know, the level of exposure we have to these advertisements is absurd, and can’t truly be controlled by us even if we mute the commercials. Therefore it’s important for us to become more educated about what the company’s true intentions are, if any.

Below is an interesting video that further tries to explain the effects of green marketing:


-Drew Sliger

One thought on “Deception In The Advertising World

  1. To (almost) quote Gordon Gecko, “Green, for lack of a better word, is good.” Organic is the new buzzword that makes us believe that what we are purchasing is the best and the most environmentally conscious decision. That is not always the case. Thanks for sharing.

    Matthew Schiesl


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