“Green” Advertising

The definition of advertising is the task of producing discrete promotional messages about products, services, or organizations and paying to display them through mass media channels. We see ads everywhere we go whether it is a commercial, a bench ad, a newspaper, radio, etc. As the name suggests, Green advertising is the type of advertising where the focus is to promote your product around the premises of environment or environmental situations. As more and more environmental concerns are arising, companies see an opportunity to tap this concern in their favor. Hence, comes the green advertising.

An important point to note here is that the product is not required to do anything with environment. It is more related to the psychological aspect of a customer that if a product address the environmental concerns then it is better. We can even see the companies which cause pollution advertising their product using green advertising to create a positive image in front of customers and present themselves in a good light. Hence, it is more like a marketing trick rather than something which actually doing something for the betterment of the environment…

Green advertising can be used in two ways:

1. Show that your product is made up of natural resources and is herbal and environmental friendly. This helps in positioning your product as natural and better.

2. Show that you as a company is concerned for environmental degradation and you are working towards it either directly or indirectly. In this way, companies either make products which helps environment or they invest the money or resources in environment protection activities.

This information shows that it is important not just to buy into a product just because the advertisement says it is good for the environment.


-Kellie Behrle


3 thoughts on ““Green” Advertising

  1. Good post Kellie, I couldn’t agree with you more companies are definitely taking advantage of the way you can use the environmental concerns of the world to their marketing advantage. Just like how we talked about those things on thursday, with the shoes and starbucks.
    Trevor Ginn


  2. I also did my blog this week over green advertising! Its honestly really intriguing to me and I think it shows how corporations take advantage of fads in society to sell their product. Unfortunately, the Green movement is more than just a fad, but corporations treat it as such to gain profit. It should really send a message about the priorities of these companies, which is obviously not to proactively benefit the Earth. Many companies take advantage of green packaging because we associate this color with nature, health, and vitality. So, why wouldn’t we choose a product like that? Great post.

    -Mattie Martin


  3. This was such an intriguing post! I always walk through stores and see “green” on labels and products. But i always wonder, what exactly does this mean? How green is this and is it really better for us and our environment? I can see big companies taking advantage of this new fad going on with green things but if it is truly better than why not go for it and buy those products?! Great post!!
    -Alexandria Davis


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