Green Marketing

Are these companies helping the environment or are they using it to help them with their own benefits in mind?  These companies who are smart about their packaging, shipping and recycling when it comes to marketing.  Is this by accident?  Definitely not, they want to let their consumers know how eco friendly they are.  The thing is about these big time companies who do “go green” is that they do follow through with what they say.  Typically.  In the article below the first rule they mention is “walk your talk” and this means if you say you are doing these things to help the environment, you better actually be doing those things.

This past week we learned about how Starbucks really promotes how environmentally friendly they are not by accident.  They took notice in how most of their consumers are environmentally friendly and used it to their advantage.  One of our classmates mentioned how at UDF you can reuse your same cup every day and it adds up to about the same amount, but i feel like UDF doesn’t try and promote how this could be helping the environment as much as Starbucks does.  Is this because their consumers wouldn’t care as much?  I am not sure why, but it is interesting.  It is good that these companies are promoting recycling and other good habits to help the environment, but how much of it is for their benefit?  Everyone likes to think they are helping, and these companies are taking advantage of it.20140219115225207327646

Trevor Ginn


One thought on “Green Marketing

  1. I feel like the companies are doing a little bit of both- trying to build their image and help the environment, but, mostly building image. In our society today, we are becoming obsessed with “going green” and any company that supports an “environmentally friendly” world, is gaining recognition.
    -Jocelyn Scott


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