rio20-green-washing-capitalismGreenwashing is a PR and Marketing tactic where companies try to promote the fact that they are environmentally friendly, but in reality, they are usually the opposite. Many companies will spend more money on advertisements and business tactics to claim they’re all natural and green, than actually spending money to do it. In our society today, we are starting to realize climate change and Earth’s decay as primary issues. It was always talked about in the past, but never really believed to be true. As of late, the facts prove themselves. When we “go green” we are using products and tactics that will be better for the environment. Not surprising, one of the biggest industries for “greenwashing” is gas and oil companies such as BP.

In this article, BP is called out for their greenwashing tactics. After the big oil spill and offshore rigging, BP needed to do something huge to try to save themselves. This is when they tried to brand themselves as an “environmentally friendly” company, which we know is very ironic. They enacted a new slogan of “Beyond Petroleum”. It’s going to take a lot more than a name change for us to forget about what happened with the massive oil spill that rocked the world in 2010.

Greenwashing is a clever tactic. It’s a way for non-environmentally friendly companies to try to prove that they care about the environment. It’s hard to know when a company is being sincere with their green advertising, but as long as we can look under the surface and watch what the company spends their money on and see if there are results, we will be able to judge their sincerity.

-Jocelyn Scott


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