Aloe Make-up ad in Korea

  1. Sin of the hidden trade-off: Nothing in this advertisement.
  2. Sin of no proof: This product was saying made 92 percentage of aloes. According to research, this product using aloes from CCOF(California Certified Organic Farmers) which is already proven environment-friendly farm in U.S
  3. Sin of Vagueness: As I said so this product using aloes from CCOF and already proven in 2014 S.Korea news article.
  4. Sin of Irrelevance: The models in this advertisement are EXO the K-pop group in Korea. It’s for marketing method to use EXO in this advertisement but they showed up in advertisement. It’s totally irrelevant about nature-product in this ad.
  5. Sin of lesser of two evils: Nothing in this advertisement.
  6. Sin of fibbing: Nothing in this advertisement. Aloes called ‘Vera’ from Latin. It means truth. Aloe has very high effects for cure scar or burn. That is the why we using aloe for skin product.
  7. Sin of worshiping false labels: It is hard to say because in this advertisement didn’t saying about their labels. On the first few second, it showing their label ‘Nature Republic’ only. There are no comments about the label after ad starts.

The Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera was the most trustful product in 2014, Korea. After this commercial, this product became famous in Korea through Japan, China. Many celebrities in Korea suggest to use this product on air and I think this one is the trustful environment-friendly product in Korea.



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