The Dawn of Greenwashing

This week we talked about green-washing and different products that invest in this kinds of living. One of those products is simply dawn soap. I wasn’t sure where to start in this blog, so I started with the basics, the ingredients. Some of the ingredients that make up Dawn soap were the usual such as water, Cleaning Agents, Cleaning enhancers and some fragrance. But as I went deeper into what this means I came across some environmental concerns. One in particular relating to the environment was acute aquatic toxicity. On a website regarding the acute aquatic toxicity, there was a high level of concern. Acute Aquatic Toxicity is defined as having substance that could cause injury to an organism in a short-term aquatic living. Which brings me to think about the commercial Dawn used when the oil spill happened in the ocean years ago. Even though the makers of Dawn stated that Dawn soap was good for the animals in the water, in getting the oil off, is there some part they’re not saying or telling us…? Maybe Dawn was thinking about having us believe that if their soap could clean many animals soaked up in oil, it can get any dish clean. If so, good job Dawn! You’ve done your job right. Anyways, this leads me to believe that a green-washing tactic used here is Sin of Vagueness. In the commercials I’m sure we all remember, there was no part of the commercial that said it would harm the animals in a way. But it simply stated that if our soap can clean oil off animals it can sure clean any dish. Another green-washing tactic used is Sin of Worshiping False Labels. They used this one when they showed us the little animals that were covered in oil, and lots of probably instantly felt saddened for those animals. So as humans we go out and buy Dawn soap because it cleaned the animals so it will do the same to our dishes.

Becca Roberts


One thought on “The Dawn of Greenwashing

  1. Well, the idea of the Dawn soap is that it does break up the oil, just like it breaks up dish grease. The animals cleaned with it were only cleaned externally. There is no way that something that exists to break up lipids would not be harmful if swallowed or lived in like a fish living in water that Dawn was added to.
    Matt McDaniel


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