The Deception of Vitamin Water

As a society of consumers we tend to fall victim to corporate marketing strategies.  We touched on “greenwashing” and other forms of misleading green advertising in class, so I found it appropriate to pick apart what we believe to be a healthy product.  Vitamin Water is manufactured by the energy drink company Glacéau, which is a owned by Coca-Cola.  When I examined the nutritional information of Vitamin Water, the first thing I noticed was that one bottle contained 2.5 servings, meaning that the nutritional statistics listed don’t accurately represent the nutritional value of drinking an entire bottle.  The second thing I noticed and the most alarming, was the fact that one serving of Vitamin Water had more sugar and more calories than a can of Coca-Cola.  Although Vitamin Water does indeed contain actual vitamins, they seem irrelevant once you factor in the mass amount of sugar and calorie intake of the drink.  After analyzing the ingredients I also realized that Vitamin Water contained no fruit juice and loads of artificial flavoring, bringing me to the conclusion that the beverage is not truly a healthy alternative.

Vitamin Water is a carefully branded product created by soda and energy drink companies in an attempt to reach the nutritionally conscious consumer.  It can suffice as a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks, but it’s not difficult to make Vitamin Water look healthy compared to the poisonous products that Coca-Cola and Glacéau also produce.  In my opinion the best option is plain water with no additives, as the mass amounts of sugar in Vitamin Water actually have the opposite effect of dehydrating the body.  Vitamin Water may be a healthy alternative compared to other Coca-Cola products, but holds very little nutritional value despite the efforts of Coca-Cola’s green marketing.


-Jack Pakozdi


3 thoughts on “The Deception of Vitamin Water

  1. It is really interesting to see the writing about Vitamin water. It really famous in South Korea also but I don’t like it much 😀


  2. I’m not sure what this has to do with Greenwashing. – Matt McDaniel


  3. Thought your post was interesting and shows some things that brands do to try and make their products look greener or healthier. By just putting vitamin in their name makes most people assume that it is healthy.
    Cori Wolfe


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