Nature Valley

By: Shelby Simmons


Nature Valley, crunchy yummy granole bars but are they really as green and environmentally friendly as they appear?

Sin of the hidden trade-off this brand brings attention to nature in their commercials and how eating one is like your in some beautiful landscape but what they really don’t show is all the waste produced by this product. Imagine going to this beautiful mountain and then suddenly all you see is millions of Nature Valley wrappers.



Sin of no Vagueness- Nature Valley claims that its product is 100% all natural yet the consumer doesn’t know  what that really means. According to this website,

“In fact, there is just as much sugar in one serving of Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey granola bars as there is in a bowl of Fruit Loops, and Fruit Loops has even more fiber (3g).”

Which doesn’t seem too natural to me.

Sin of irrelevance- Nature Valley is a granola bar and has nothing to do with Nature. Sure it sort of looks like something you could make if you were an expert in natural plants and a great cook but thats about it. The commercials don’t really focus on the granola bar, they try to portray that when eating this product you will feel like your in nature and taste how natural it is.

Portraying something as natural is a great way to get people to buy something because it is what everyone wants now. Buying something natural makes you feel healthier, greener, and simpler. Yet the consumer needs to be aware of greenwashing tactics and understand the full truth of what they are buying because there are often hidden secrets behind every product.

-Shelby Simmons


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