Ooho Blobs!

We all know plastic bottles are harmful to the environment. Single-use water bottles go through several phases which can contribute to its overall environmental effect. However, there is a new invention that could replace the plastic bottles with something that is more environmentally friendly. In this Ted talk below, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez talks about his latest idea, the water blob that has a double membrane of algae, which actually contain water, the reason of the double membrane is if you touch the blob you can only eat the inner membrane and simply dispose the outer membrane. The membrane is similar to the skin of a fruit, and it is made of a seaweed derivative, calcium chloride-based membrane which is safe for people consumption. Ooho water considers to be friendly to environment because it is a completely biodegradable and edible. Simply, whenever you are thirsty, you just pierce the membrane and drink the water inside. Garcia asserts in his speech, “One of the main advantages is that you can even do it at home, so everyone can encapsulate water and package water in their kitchens. It’s not too complicated and doesn’t take too much time.” Comparing the single-use water bottles and Ooho, producing Ooho blobs is much cheaper than producing the single-use water bottles. It is true that most of us have became more conscious of the issue of plastic water, however, we use a lot those plastic bottles and throw them in the oceans or landfills. We really need to think in a serious way to solve the problem.


-Rawan Algahsan


2 thoughts on “Ooho Blobs!

  1. That sounds like a really cool way to get rid of the plastic water bottles and still appeal to people as being a convenient way of drinking water. Plastic water bottle blow my mind I get that they are convenient but your basically buying plastic and time put in to make it because water is free generally. All you have to do is use a reusable water bottle and fill it up and it doesn’t end up in landfills or oceans.
    -Shelby Simmons


  2. Just need to ensure that the reusable is clean.


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