Our Product Is Green Cause I Said So.

Anymore in today’s commercial industry companies are trying to find ways to get consumer to buy their product. But did you know a majority of the time companies lie about the product that make it seem better then what they really are. One form of this is know as greenwashing. And along with greenwashing comes the Seven Sins of Greenwashing. Each has there own way of getting consumers to buy their product. An example of this would be Coca-Cola’s product Vitamin Water. For starters the name in itself is a bit misleading. Vitamin water, granted yes it does contain vitamins but what they don’t include is the amount of sugar in the beverage. In fact it contains almost as much sugar and high fructose corn syrup as a bottle of regular coke. Since they choose to disregard this fact it follows one of the Seven Sins of Greenwashing, The Sin of Vagueness. Another reason its greenwashed is in the vitamins itself. The label says vitamin water has micro nutrients in it and once again this is true but it supplies you with the micro nutrients you already get on a daily bases. So in reality you getting more of something you don’t need for a trade off in a sugary drink which in the end is counter productive. This is because you get these micro nutrients on a daily bias even with out the drink. Due to this one could say this is another sin that being the Sin of Irreverence. It’s unfortunate that a product has to be misleading to gets sales and even more unfortunate the people buy into these misleading claims. What one expects in vitamin water is a healthy beverage and what they get is a misguided sugary drink. And because of this people are making money at the expense of others health.


Danny Wells


4 thoughts on “Our Product Is Green Cause I Said So.

  1. I agree with you that Vitamin water is very misleading. I drink it because I think it taste good, yet when you look at the ingredients, it is quite interesting especially since what they are suppose to be. This is just like Sobe waters or even Propels.
    -Alli Stamper


  2. I always thought vitamin water was good for me, I feel like an idiot for believing this. I should have been smarter, it sure tastes good. It’s just too good to be true when you find a good tasting naturally healthy product like this.
    Trevor Ginn


  3. I remember when Vitamin water was a huge fad that everyone was drinking! I always wondered how it could taste so good yet not be bad for you? Well, now i know thats not the case.
    -Alexandria Davis


  4. XXX Vitamin Water used to be bomb.com back in 8th grade. I recently had one and it just tasted like sugar water and I didn’t even finish it. I’ve always known it wasn’t good for you but I just liked the taste. At the end of the day nothing beats a cold glass of water.


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