In class this week we spoke about greenwashing along with the seven sins that coincide with it. The company and products that I will be analyzing for this post is poopbags.com. Poopbags is a dog poop bag company who claim to be, “Saving the earth since 2003” by producing eco-friendly plastic bags. The specific product I will be looking at is, “Made in the USA Poop Bags ASTM D6400 Certified Rolls (Made with Plants).” According to the product description on the company website, “PoopBags The Original on a Roll are silky, made from plants, vegetable oils, and Mater-Bi, so they can be consumed by microbes in the soil. Best of all they are Made in the USA and PoopBags are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the highest ASTM D6400 standard.” The two major sins that standout to me from this product description are vagueness and irrelevance. First of all, the product title said it is made with plants and the product description said it is made from plants, so I am not sure which one it is, if it matters. Also, their description of the product is not only inconsistent; it is labeled with unclear terms to how much of the bag is comprised of plant material. The sin of irrelevance for this product is when they state, “Best of all they are Made in the USA.” This has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of what they are talking about in the product description, it was only added in there to appeal to their patriotic demographic.

After being a little sketched out by their products, I decided to learn a little bit more information and went to the section “Eco-friendly Facts” on their website. One statement that stood out to me is when they said, “Due to evolving laws and regulations on a state by state basis, we have removed the use of the terms biodegradable and compostable from our site and packaging.” This leads me to believe that their products do not meet the specifications to be biodegradable and compostable standards, even though they say they are certified, and got in trouble with the law for false advertising. Overall, I do not recommend this product for all of you dog lovers out there. Also, do your research on the bag company you do purchase from to make sure their products are matching what they are claiming.



Andrew Traicoff


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