Yes To…what exactly?

I remember when the “Yes To” skincare line first started budding. The refreshing and bright packaging definitely caught my attention when browsing Targets beauty aisles.  Yes to cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, pomegranates so on and so forth.  So many new, “natural” and affordable skincare products to choose from. I try to be as natural as possible if I can help. I’m not a stickler but I will graze an ingredients list from time to time.  I’m not sure where I heard this but I remember being told that if something is “natural” most of the ingredients should be recognizable and/or easily pronounceable.

When you go onto the Yes To Carrots website, you are welcomed with a crisp white background, and many square colorful boxes used for organizational purposes.  You see lots of fruits and veggies surrounding cosmetic products. I’m not kidding one photo is of a really ripe grapefruit cut open with a bottle of face wash sitting inside of it. There is even the bold claim on the homepage of the site stating “95% Natural Ingredients”.

Fragrance is an ingredient prevelant on majority of their items. is a website that breaks down ingredients found in cosmetic items and scales the items on a list of good to bad. It breaks down the Yes To brand and shows you how many of their products contain what ingredients and chemicals and how bad those can be for you.  Claiming that they use 95% natural ingredients is completely unsupported when the ingredients list is dissected.

Skylar Barkley



3 thoughts on “Yes To…what exactly?

  1. This is really good proof of how companies can just flat out lie about their products. I have always learned that natural means basically nothing when it comes to products, because it is such a vague term it can be used for basically anything. -Madeline Howard


  2. It’s good to see another post about a product I use. I own several “Yes To…” products, and did feel skeptical of some of their claims. I guess I wasn’t too off-base. It is a bit disappointing, since we’ve seen from other companies that it’s possible to make these products with truly natural ingredients.
    Kaylin Brodzki


  3. The more i look at the products being analyzed, the more “natural” products i see that i use myself. I have always had my subtle doubts on how natural the products are but im glad you analyzed this product and showed how they straight up lie about their product.
    -Alexandria Davis


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