Final Blog…. -A.M Ovini H Amarasinghe


I gained so much of knowledge from this class. I am majoring in Chemistry and this course helped me understand so much about the environment I live in and bout communication.  My favorite module was the Health module. This module made me understand what normalcy really is. This module helped me to understand how Public can affect my health and the need to communicate about this topic. Understanding the risk factors and how we get care, clearly enriched my knowledge I had in these areas. I learnt more about the Zika virus through our case study. This helped me understand how cases like these should be made aware to the public. This module also made me away of the DTC advertising and how much of it is true. I am from Sri Lanka and we did not have commercials like this, so this module made me aware about this. Another important thing I learnt in this module were the stages of a medical research. I really liked the science module too. This module helped me to have an understanding of how science progressed/regressed over the years. This area also made me aware of the conflict between science and religion. The discussions we had in class, made me believe that thinking logically according to the situation is the best way to treat a problem when it comes to the conflicts between science and religion. The different education standards of science around the world surprised me. I researched more about the Chinese education we discussed in class. I was able to find many disadvantages and advantages at the same time. This module also made me aware about how much scientific information is now communicated. The environmental module was the most in-depth module. This module opened me up to what really is a landscape and also about consumerism. This module actually made me feel guilty of all the unnecessary things I have bought, the things that I did not need. ‘The story of stuff’ just brought down the whole picture into just a few minutes. This module also made me think more about the commercials I see each day. I was made aware about greenwashing and the seven sins of greenwashing. I had never looked in detail of a commercial like we did in class.This also made me understand how people lie about green features in a product, just trick us into buying it. The final case study which is about climate change helped me so much to understand what really is going around me and how serious it is. This module also gave an understanding of how much work we are doing and how little time we spend with nature. It was also because of this course that I got to know about cases like the chemical disaster in Bhopal. I really enjoyed this class, this class helped me understand so much of information which is necessary to understand for any human being. This class, in fact, helped me to build as a person and see how close I am to the environment. This class was never boring and I really enjoined taking this class. Thank you for Prof. Sastry and our TA, Lauren for making this class a knowledgeable and an enjoyable class.

A M Ovini H Amarasinghe


2 thoughts on “Final Blog…. -A.M Ovini H Amarasinghe

  1. Some of your blog posts brought a very different view of the world: one I never considered. Thanks so much for the Tsunami post. I will remember for a long time, if not forever.

    Mike Cappel


    • Thnks Mike! I really liked your blogs! They were very different from other blogs, you linked what we learnt in class to cases around you. It was really interesting when you took the photos nd made the blog, it was so original. All your blogs were knowledgeable and had something to take away. Thank you once gain! Good Luck! 🙂


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