Final Thoughts

I honestly thought the name of this class was too long when I started taking it. I didn’t understand how we could be covering all these topics within only one semester. I had never taken a communication class before and honestly I was surprised at how well put together this class is. I liked how we did it within the three blocks: health, then science, and lastly the environment.

For the health portion of the class, I was worried I’d be bored. However, I was so surprised at how much I learned and was excited about learning. I learned how to talk about my health. I remember the in-class activity we did where we were supposed to tell one another significant details about our health and I learned that most of us only discussed the negatives. It was eye-opening. We discussed how we don’t always want to be “normal” when it comes to our health and I thought that was very interesting. In one of my blogs I did research on those who don’t get their children vaccinated and the consequences from that. I felt like there was so much to be said about health and that was very nice.
sciencereligion_37683868For the science portion, although it was shorter, I enjoyed that as well. It was interesting to talk about the relationship between science and faith and how many feelings that stirred up within just our class. It was also shocking to know about the major news stations and how they convey scientific information…or lack thereof.

Since I am an EVST major, I figured the environmental portion would be the most relevant to my major, and I was right. I loved the discussions we had about the 7 sins of greenwashing and how we had to research a product that represented some of those sins; it really helped show me just how bad advertisements can be. I liked analyzing various commercials as well to really drive points home. It was also cool how we watched that video on capitalism. I learned so much in such a short period of time that it almost feels unreal.


I really enjoyed this class.

Thank you all for making it a great experience.

-Gabriella Feltman

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