My semester in 300-500 words…

When coming into this class, I truly did not know what to expect. All I knew was that I needed and interdisciplinary credit and i was interested in the health aspect of this class. I never became “friends” with anyone in this class like I have in my other classes. I feel like it definitely should become more interpersonal and communication/group work would make this class even better, especially since it is a communications class.

I did enjoy having the class divided up among the three different subjects. I definitely feel like it was an interesting class but towards the end I had a really hard time getting into what we were talking about. I really think more group discussion and less lecturing would increase the positivity and desire to go to class.

On to the actual content of the class, I think it was a great mixture. I thought it was super neat how all three subjects came together and related in some ways. My favorite part of the semester though was learning about the health part of the content. It really was interesting learning about the different ways to communicate to people about medical things in a non-medical way. I also really enjoyed doing the case study on Zika. It opened my mind a lot to how so many diseases typically have an affect on another disease or are related in some way. I also found it very intriguing how so many people, especially adults, were scientifically illiterate.


-Alexandria Davis


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