Semester Recap

Before taking this course, I didn’t realize all of the complications within effectively communicating. This is probably because I didn’t quite understand the depth and importance of clearly communicating. I am an animal biology major and I plan to work at a zoo, so it greatly benefited me to hear people’s opinions of zoos. Our lesson on environmental communication also opened my eyes to the fact the humans have a wide variety of different opinions on their relationship with the environment. This broader view of the source of individuals’ environmental beliefs will likely give me tools that I need to effectively communicate to visitors during my job at the zoo.

Having always been fascinated by science, I was shocked to hear how many adults lacked basic scientific knowledge. Thanks to our lesson on science communication, I believe that the root of this issue is that not everyone in the public feels as though they relate to science discoveries or lack the ability to really understand them. I hope that the next generation has better science courses in schools so that they have a good grasp on basic knowledge needed to understand new information. I also hope that we as a society begin to realize the importance of being aware of scientific data and can find ways to make it able to be related to. This can only been done with the help of accurate media reporting.

My mom is a nurse and I often called her for ideas on what to write the blogs about when we discussed health communication. Her stories, along with what we discussed in class, opened my eyes to the dangers of poor communication within this field. Why is it that we are more likely to receive health information from our peers or the media than from actual medical professionals? Although these narratives can be helpful, it is often best to seek a doctor’s opinion. However, we are not guaranteed to understand our risks or what the doctor is attempting to do. Another issue that we examined is health for the common good and public health. These are issues that not everyone will agree on, but I personally see it that all individuals may have to experience some slight inconvenience in order to do what is best for society, and we should not see it as an inconvenience to help others. It is unfortunate that many are at risk for poor health due to structural issues outside of their own control. The only way to fix these issues is to alter those structural conditions, possibly by offering low-cost healthcare to those in need. I believe that the wealthy (not only individuals, but large corporations) should do their part in making sure that people of all statuses have access to what they need to be healthy. However, time will still remain an issue unless the cost of living is lowered and people do not have to work as much.

I am really glad that I took this course and it has opened my eyes to many issues that I was unaware of prior to this semester. I hope that I can use my knowledge and skills in the future.

-Courtney Snyder


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